La Sportiva S.p.A. pays great attention to the ethical aspects of the company and considers legality and fairness essential conditions for the conduct of its business activities. In offering its services, La Sportiva S.p.A. endeavors to observe, in addition to laws and regulations, the guiding principles and high ethical standards that are stated in this Code of Ethics.
Ethics in business is in fact a critical approach to the correct functioning and credibility of the company towards its customers, suppliers, shareholders and, more generally, towards the entire economic context in which it operates. La Sportiva S.p.A. intends to transform the knowledge and appreciation of the ethical values to which it relates, into a competitive advantage, values which must not remain set on a formal level, but must be translated operationally in the conduct and behavior of all recipients.
The Company has therefore decided to adopt a detailed Code of Ethics and Conduct (the "Code of Ethics" or "Code" ) , in order to confirm and secure in a single document, the principles of fairness, honesty, integrity and transparency of behavior, of the way of working and conducting relationship both internally and with third parties . This document should serve as a reference for all procedures, policies, guidelines, contracts used by the Company. " Recipients" of the Code of Ethics are those who work for La Sportiva S.p.A. .: employees, directors, control bodies and the internal and external collaborators that contribute to achieving the objectives of the Company under its direction and supervision.
These parties are therefore obliged to familiarize themselves with the content of the Code of Ethics and to contribute to its implementation and to the dissemination of the principles therein. The rules contained in the Code of Ethics integrate the behavior that recipients are required to observe under both civil and criminal law, and the rules and regulations included in contracts. In no way can the conviction of acting in favour of La Sportiva S.p.A. justify the adoption of any kind of behaviour that is in contrast with these principles. Recipients of the Code of Ethics , who violate the rules , affecting the relationship of trust with the Company , thus causing damage, will be subject to sanctions .
The application of the Code of Ethics is entrusted to the Administrative Body , which makes use of corporate structures and, for control, the Supervisory Body established pursuant to Legislative Decree no . 231/2001.