La Sportiva has always focused its attention on the individual, his requirements, needs and values. For this reason the company has chosen to support a number of important humanitarian organisations.


ADMO & CLIMB FOR LIFE - Give Bone Marrow

Climb For Life is an 'initiative which aims at raising the awareness of climbers and mountain enthusiasts on the subject of bone marrow donation. Today more than ever, it is important to become bone marrow donors, since the number of illnesses that can be treated by bone marrow transplants is increasing exponentially. The "Climb For Life" project tries to make the climbing community aware of the fact that becoming a donor is simple and safe, and shows a sense of care and attention towards fellow human beings, an action which is not to be considered heroic but rather a duty to act now and which denotes the fact of having a civil and social conscience. Our testimonials that have become donors through the "Climb For Life" project are: Adam Ondra (cz), James Pearson (uk), Caroline Ciavaldini (fr), Silvio Reffo (it), Hansjorg Hauer (at), Michele Caminati (it), Pietro Dal Pra (it).


Lorenzo Delladio, managing director of La Sportiva, is an official member of the Lions Club, a humanitarian organization with the following aims: to create a spirit of understanding across the world’s different cultures and nations; to promote the principles of good government and citizenship; to demonstrate an active interest in the cultural, social and moral wellbeing of the community; to encourage people to volunteer their time for the improvement of their community.


Associaizone senza scopo di lucro con fini d'utilità sociale (Onlus) fondata nella convinzione che la persona con disabilità è una risorsa sulla quale la collettività deve investire per un pieno recupero sia sul piano del lavoro, della produzione intellettuale, sia del tempo libero e, quindi, dei rapporti e delle relazioni interpersonali.

La Sportiva supports the construction of the Sebastian Centre for Austism in Val di Non (TN)

Since April 2015 La Sportiva has been a sponsor in the project promoted by the Trentino No Profit Autism Foundation by helping to finance the first centre in Trentino in the fight against a condition that afflicts more and more newborns all over the world including the region where La Sportiva is headquartered . The foundation, chaired by Giovanni Coletti , and affiliated nationwide to the Foundation "I bambini delle fate " is engaged in the financing of many projects aimed at helping people with problems of autism and was created to promote and implement projects aimed at improving the quality of life of people with autism of all ages.
The " Sebastian" Centre will be built in the municipality of Coredo Val di Non ( TN ) in a " former holiday complex ", an area of about 4,000 square meters , it will reach a volume of 7,000 cubic meters , which will be divided into residential areas, outpatient surgeries and rehabilitation centers, recreational and employment workshops and an area dedicated to the training of specialized workers . The " Sebastian” centre will be a complex open to the Trentino region , which will work in collaboration with a network of pre- existing realities and those that will be built in the future, to provide an integrated response to the needs of our boys / girls and their families . "It will be an active reference point , - explains Coletti - that will offer real opportunities for growth and integration by means of an organic farm , training for employment , sports and leisure activities : important goals to be built together for a new vision of an " active autistic person" »
The Trentino Autism Foundation has been working for years to create a national and international partner solidarity network including local institutions and involving organizations and companies even those not directly affected by the problem , but who understand the importance and the social impact of the actions it promotes. Thanks to their support it is possible to intervene in health, education , social rehabilitation , as well as in the training of skilled operators .
"La Sportiva has welcomed the request for the funding of the new center - explains Lorenzo Delladio CEO of the company that has always been very close to social and territorial issues - today more than ever, companies can and must promote solid ethical, environmental and social values that can really contribute to the wellbeing of their region , state or nation, not only from an economic viewpoint. In this sense, La Sportiva does everything possible to ensure a peaceful future for people in need in its territory and towards whom we nourish great respect and a sense of belonging"
"Excellence is in our DNA , working together for a common purpose we will build together another piece of the Trentino that everyone envies , a Trentino that is close to people , to families and that can provide answers to the most vulnerable."