La Sportiva S.p.A.’s main aim and the basis of its activities is customer satisfaction while respecting the surrounding environment.

To achieve this aim, the firm commits itself daily to satisfy your needs, transforming these necessities into requisites throughout the production system, to create the most efficient and advanced products, satisfying your expectations.

Our R&D department is constantly searching for innovative and purposeful solutions, to guarantee a product able to meet your most demanding and advanced technical requirements, as well as offering you safety and comfort in terms of use, thanks also to state-of-the-art equipment.


Our driving force is passion, and as passionate sports people we feel we can say that we are our own most demanding clients. Our privileged position allows us to fully understand your expectations in terms of our products, and this gives us the motivation to constantly improve, spurring us on daily to improve ourselves in creativity and innovation, guaranteeing you the maximum quality in our products.

Each organizational aspect in our firm is defined clearly and each single process is constantly monitored, because this is the best way to be sure of what we are doing. All the processes necessary to carry out our production undergo periodic checks, and for each one of these processes we fix performance indicators continuously laying down goals to improve, giving our firm the essential resources in terms of quantity and quality, human resources, information and formation, infrastructure and work environment. Only in this way can we guarantee our collaborators the proper motivation and the suitable tools to manufacture the products, which reach you personally.


Our driving force is passion, our passion is the mountains

This is why we develop our shoes in the territory to which we belong: The Dolomites. And it is out of respect for this territory that we pay great attention to the problems that the presence of our company poses to the environment. In our business procedures we pursue a strategy aimed at increasing customer satisfaction with a view to even providing even better quality and punctuality of delivery. We are committed to complying with environmental, quality and work safety regulations and sensitive data, as required by current regulations.

This leads us to critically review all the production processes, trying to prevent the impact resulting from these, as much as possible. It is with this awareness that we purchase the raw materials, and that we constantly monitor the adhesives used in all stages of the production process, systematically seeking more ecological alternatives, provided that they guarantee the quality standards of the final products, for which there can be no compromise. Our commitment to the environment is also guaranteed by the periodic verification of atmospheric emissions and the quality of the air, as well as in the greatest possible recovery of the waste material produced during production and in the constant search for new forms of recycling them. La Sportiva gives priority to the objectives of effective accident prevention and safety in the workplace and for this reason the company believes in training, informing and raising the awareness of its workers through health and safety campaigns.


Our goal is quality production by making our company a place where people work with satisfaction and are capable of identifying themselves with their tasks. We do this by ensuring all employees receive training in safety, the environment, quality and waste so that they can meet their duties and responsibilities. Therefore, be in possession as La Sportiva S.p.A., via Ischia 2, Ziano di Fiemme (TN), of certification according to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001, is for us a constant and progressive commitment to improving our services both in respect of procedures and processes, care for the environment and preventing accidents and occupational illnesses. Finally, la Sportiva systematically implements the principles and provisions set forth in the documents of the management and control organizational model pursuant to the Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent mod. and integr. relating to the administrative liabilty of the company.

We have proposed these measures out of passion, in the awareness that the adoption of an integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System will bring real benefits to all interested parties: our customers, our suppliers, La Sportiva and its staff, and ultimately to the whole community where our company operates.

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