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Vanguard Man is the modern boot for enthusiastic ski mountaineers due to a perfect balance between comfort and technicality for both uphill and downhill routes, it is designed for touring and free-touring. Comfort, lightweight and a wide range of movement make it easy to use, intuitive during the uphill phase. Due to the innovative design and the particular construction of the upper, the boot is solid and reactive on the descent route such as boots designed for free-ride and alpine skiing.

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Vanguard is the modern boot for enthusiastic ski mountaineers due to a perfect balance between comfort and technicality for both uphill and downhill routes, it is designed for touring and free-touring.Comfort, lightweight and a wide range of movement make it easy to use, intuitive during the uphill phase. Due to the innovative design and the particular construction of the upper, the boot is solid and reactive on the descent route such as boots designed for free-ride and alpine skiing. The materials used represent the state-of-the-art technology of plastic materials combined with carbon and glass fibres, taking into consideration the environmental impacts by using bio-compatible material Pebax® Bio Based Rnew 1100. Each construction component allows a perfect transmission of precision and power to the ski, combined with high durability and incredible lightweight. The heart of the boot is the shell with an asymmetrical V-SHAPE ™ cuff closure that combines high mobility with a very intuitive fit: easy to put on, position the boot in walk mode and open the front hooks. The ski mountaineer will appreciate the wider fit and the extremely simple closure system of the cuffs, which automatically bring the front tab into place. The inner liner in Ultralon® and the Vibram® V-Lug high durability sole, create a cutting-edge product. Vanguard: Free the Future.

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Vibram sole to ensure an optimal balance between performance and durability.

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Unlike traditional petroleum-based polymers, Pebax® Rnew® polymers are advanced materials made from a renewable feedstock: castor beans.

Pebax® Rnew® materials used in the ski boots are >65% bio-based.

The Castor bean is truly a remarkable crop:

  • Grows on marginal soils
  • Does not cause deforestation
  • Does not compete with food
  • Captures atmospheric CO2
  • Provides stable revenues for farming families

Every boot powered by Pebax® Rnew® materials helps the farmers and their families sustain a better life.


The bio-based origin of the material does not induce any compromise on the performance. Pebax® Rnew® polymers are world leading high technology polymers, designed for high-end sports equipments.

Their unique properties include:

  • Lightness: Pebax® Rnew® polymers are typically 20% lighter than most other plastics. This brings maximum confort
  • Extreme toughness and shock resistance for improved durability and enhanced lifespan
  • Sustained performance under extreme conditions, especially at cold temperatures
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Ultralon® PE is a cross-linked, expanded foam based on polyethylene polymer resin. PE foam performs particularly well where thermal insulation is critical, such as underlay and headliners.

Key features:

  • Consistent quality
  • Thermoforming ability
  • Meets REACH regulations
  • Workability

Ultralon® EVA is a cross-linked, expanded foam based on ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin. EVA foam is particularly durable and resilient, and is highly suited to applications where ‘packing out’ is to be avoided, such as shoe soles, ski boot liners.

1490 g (half a pair)
24 - 31 (+ 1/2)
Range of motion:
Binding compatibility:
Tech AT & Alpine Touring


+ Pebax® Shell: comfortable and high-performance shell, made of eco-friendly material deriving from Pebax® Bio Based Rnew 1100 castor oil seeds. Very high resistance to low temperatures and excellent flexibility. ISO standard geometries.
+ V-SHAPE ™ Pebax® Cuff: Cuff in Pebax® Bio Based Rnew 1100 with exceptional 63 ° excursion: allows for maximum mobility to move quickly and safely in any situation. Asymmetrical closure which, thanks to the particular scissor construction geometry and the large entrance volumes, makes fitting operations extremely fast and intuitive. For an easy and immediate fit, simply place the boot in walk mode and open the front hooks, the boot is now ready to be put on. Cuffs loaded with carbon for the version for men (FLEX 130) and glass loaded for the version got women (FLEX 115).
+ EZ Flex ™ Double Tongue: Pebax® tongue made of two elements (upper and lower) of two different types of stiffness, in order to combine maximum mobility in walk mode and perfect power transmission in ski mode.
+ V-Guard Interfaces ™: abrasion-resistant reinforcement zones made of materials derived from the world of alpine skiing placed on the heel and toe for maximum durability in the attachment areas.
+ WarmSole insert: insulating polyurethane removable insole. Avoids direct contact of the foot with the shell thus, increasing warmth.
+ EZ-LOCK Closure System ™: rear rotating Ski / Walk system made of Ergal and Technopolymer, ensures maximum closing speed and avoids exposure of mechanical parts to accidental shocks and stresses.
+ TWIN-PWR ™: double band with upper elastic strap, combines a perfect closure with a reactive energy return while skiing, ensuring comfort and precision on downhill.
+ Compact Buckle ™: patented lever closure system that keeps the lever adherent to the shell in walk mode, reducing external volumes, distributing tension evenly and giving maximum freedom of movement without the exposed parts of the shell getting in the way of the action of the ski mountaineer.
+ Double Release ™: compact and precise lower closure derived from the Spider Buckle Evo technical solution that allows a perfect distribution of tension on the median part of the instep by acting on the high resistance Adjustable Cable ™, which is anchored directly to the axes studs thus, reducing the deformation of the shell in the descent phases.
+ Vibram® V-LUGS ™ Sole: outsole that complies with the ISO UNI EN 9523 standard with anti-abrasion heel / toe inserts and exceptional durability.
+ S4 Evo binding plate: facilitates binding insert due to a specially designed shape.
+ Vanguard LINER: thermoformable liner specially designed to work in synergy with the shell and cuff: it allows an ergonomic and enveloping fit and optimal comfort. Malleolus protection due to slots created with materials of differentiated thickness and the use of Ultralon® Performance Foam material. It is designed for the addition of a lace to further facilitate the customization of the internal volumes. Women’s version available and specifically designed for female foot morphology.
+ BioInSole: bio-base certified insole (DIN CERTCO), made with a new and innovative material from renewable sources: TR-EEcell is a bio-based cross-linked polyethylene foam that ensures high comfort and perfect thermal insulation.

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