Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology is a durable, effective and sustainable textile treatment that uses naturally occurring silver salt to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The result? You can wear more and wash less.

Polygiene® keeps garments odor-free and wearable longer, saving water, energy, and time associated with repeated washing. Skipping one load of laundry per week adds up to three days of free time over the course of one year-less washing means more time to pursue your passions.

Up to 2/3 of a garment’s environmental impact occurs during consumer use-Polygiene’s unique odor-control technology allows users to wear garments longer, cutting down on the water and energy use associated with washing and drastically reducing the garment’s carbon footprint and prolonging the garment’s life.


Polygiene Products

Strive Tank M

Available colors: 2
As low as €42.90