La Sportiva

The world cleanest more natural and active fiber

The property

Kapok is extracted from the fruit of the Ceiba plant,
widespread especially in South America.

It is a soft, insulating and elastic fiber,
suitable for allergy sufferers because it is anti-acarid and hypoallergenic.

It also has water repellent properties and dries quickly.

At the moment, it is the greenest choice available on the market.


The ethical benefits

- Kapok tress can grow on hills, which reduces the use of flatland,
unlike cotton or other fibers. Flat land is needed for agriculture
food provision for the growth of our population

- Kapok trees only require natural rainwater and warmth.

- No additional irrigation is required
- Pesticide free because of natural protective wax coating

- Kapok trees provide the fruit, which is not edible

- 100% vegan and biodegradable

The products with Kapok technology

Kairn Jkt M

Available colors: 4
As low as €145.53 Regular Price €207.90

Kopak Hoody M

Available colors: 6
As low as €160.93 Regular Price €229.90