La Sportiva presents Mantra, the ideal climbing shoe for maximum fun on the wall

The new proposal from the Trentino company represents a flagship product for SS22, thanks to its versatility and comfort

La Sportiva presents Mantra, the ideal climbing shoe for maximum fun on the wall

06 April 2022, Ziano di Fiemme (TN) - La Sportiva, an international leader in the production of outdoor footwear and clothing, continues to confirm itself as a point of reference for all mountain sports enthusiasts and for the community of climbers. In fact, the brand expands its range of products dedicated to the climbing sector by presenting Mantra, the ultra-light shoe designed for medium and high levels.


The shoe represents one of the major innovations in the La Sportiva collection for the SS22 and is designed with the aim of satisfying all climbers looking for maximum adaptability and sensitivity on any type of grip and on various types of surfaces, while ensuring naturalness in the movements and guaranteeing a fluid and engaging climb thanks to the total absence of constraints.


From a technical point of view, the upper of the shoe is deconstructed and the thickness of the rubber edges are reduced to a minimum to ensure maximum sensitivity when approaching the surface.


Mantra combines the No-Edge construction - able to provide a homogeneous thrust on all surfaces - with D-Tech ™ technology (Dynamic Technology): thanks to this union, the sole is able to wrap the shoe laterally eliminating any type of side edge, consequently favoring dynamic supports and absolute spreadability on the shapes of the grips and indoor volumes. In addition, the Vibram® XS Grip2 compound offers maximum levels of grip on any type of surface, offering all climbers excellent performance and an unparalleled climbing experience.


Mantra is available from today on the La Sportiva website, to find out more click here.



Photo: Matteo Pavana



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