Mountain Running: The La Sportiva team expands

After the uncertainties of last season, La Sportiva welcomes the new running season by announcing the entry of three new important international names in the Mountain Running team: Mimmi Kotka, Jan Margarit and Alexis Sevénnec.

Mountain Running: The La Sportiva team expands

Starting this season, the Swedish ultra-runner Mimmmi Kotka, the young Catalan talent Jan Margarit and the French skialp team member Alexis Sevénnec will bring the La Sportiva colours to the trails of the main European competitions.

"High-profile athletes who, in addition to making the team even more competitive in the world of long distances and skyraces, will contribute to forming a group of professionals now close-knit, heterogeneous and with an increasingly international feeling, in line with the positioning of the brand - says Matteo Demicheli, head of athletes in the running sector - A wave of freshness and energy that we needed to start the new year off on the right foot. "

Let's find out who the newcomers are:

Jan Margarit

23 years old but already known all over the world for his successes in the world of trail running, Catalan Jan Margarit made his debut in 2015 by winning most of the Spanish national youth categories. Specialist in the skyraces sector, he has won some important podiums in the Skyrunning World Series, immediately collecting the recognition of the big names in the discipline.

"Being part of the La Sportiva Team is very exciting for me, as it is a brand that I have always highly esteemed. Now that I have been given this opportunity, I want to make the most of it: I can't wait to get started!"

Mimmi Kotka

Born and raised with a passion for adventure and the outdoors, Swedish runner Mimmi Kotka began competing in 2014 with the sole aim of challenging her own limits. Known for great victories in the world of Ultra running in races such as the CCC, TDS, Madeira Island Ultra-Trail and Ultra Pirineu, Mimmi will now continue to compete alongside La Sportiva.

“My desire to run derives from my curiosity, and the possibility it offers to overcome one's physical and mental limits. Nature is the environment in which I can find myself, while my greatest motivation lies in the entire running community: because regardless of the level of preparation or the result, every ultra-runner runs to challenge himself, and this makes everyone equal, from the first to the last. "


Alexis Sevénnec

French ski mountaineer who was already part of the La Sportiva team during the winter season, Alexis Sevénnec is a versatile athlete, capable of expressing himself with equal determination and enthusiasm both on skis and in the context of mountain running.

“Regardless of the distance, I can find everything I love in this sport. Whether it's a vertical kilometer or a skyrace, I always manage to move on very technical terrain, enjoy incredible views, and keep in touch with the environment I love most. La Sportiva has always represented for me the essence of sport in the mountains, lived at 360 degrees. And now I finally have the opportunity to bring its colors to my winter and summer adventures. "

For La Sportiva, which since 1928 has been committed to offering outdoor sports enthusiasts the best to experience their adventures in the mountains, the relationship with its athletes has never stopped at offering simple technical support. From the very beginning, in fact, the meeting between the needs of sports professionals and the experience of our technicians has seen the birth and development of some of the most innovative products offered by the Trentino brand. A dialogue that will continue this year as well, supporting the ideas and responding to the needs of Mimmi, Jan and Alexis.

"Despite the insecurities that are accompanying us also in this early 2021, the company will strive to support its athletes and their goals. - Demicheli continues - In the hope that a general improvement in the health situation will soon allow a safe return to the main seasonal running events. "