There are unforgettable days, made of extraordinary people, mountains, and laughter. These are the ingredients of the Vanguard Experience: adventures to live intensely, becoming infected by the enthusiasm of some of the strongest Italian climbers, savouring every step to the top, pulling curve after curve along with the new Vanguard ski boots. An initiative born from the desire to provide mountain enthusiasts with first-hand experience of the new ski mountaineering model from the company from Ziano di Fiemme, allowing them to share unique emotions along with their own outdoor myths, always in the name of safety.

"Vanguard is a boot designed for Ski Touring and Free-Touring, it is light, versatile and extremely comfortable", says Giulia Delladio, Corporate Marketing Director of the company based in Ziano di Fiemme (Trentino, Dolomites) present at the Pozza di Fassa stage of the event. A name, a guarantee: Vanguard is a reliable ally, functional and multipurpose, designed for the most demanding free tourers. Thanks to the sturdy but lightweight structure combined with its important flex (130), this boot is the ideal companion for high-performance climbs and off-track adrenaline descents, perfect for those looking for uncompromised performance.



The first of the two Vanguard Experience initiatives took place in the exceptional setting of the majestic Mont Blanc. Participants met on Saturday 19 February at the La Sportiva Store in the centre of Courmayeur, where Mountain Guide Sandro De Zolt, Mountain and Ski Mountaineering boots product specialist from La Sportiva - illustrated the potential of the Vanguard product. Later a snowmobile took the group to the Mont Blanc mountain chalet, owned by Alex Campedelli – President of the Courmayeur Alpine Guides - where the famous alpinist Francois Cazzanelli - special guest at the event and from this year, La Sportiva total look athlete - talked about his adventures as an Alpine guide and athlete, he spoke about his incredible mountain trail and ambitious plans for the future. The following day, there was a certain buzz in the air. The atmosphere was full of positive energy, and this could be seen from the smiles of all my companions of adventure who couldn’t wait to live to the fullest every moment of the amazing day that was awaiting them. For safety reasons, the Guides of Courmayeur had decided that the climb up to Punta Helbronner should use the Skyway Mont Blanc, a jewel of technology and design and the envy of all of Europe. Before heading off on the hike, the Alpine Guides gave all present precise information on the safety measures and possible dangers that could be encountered on the glacier. The boot “inspection” took place on different snow conditions, where every skier had the chance to try technical and stimulating activities.

Everyone experienced the mountains in their own personal way: there were those who couldn’t wait to finish the climb to dive downhill, those who preferred to chat and slowly get to know the people with whom he shared those magical and unrepeatable moments, those who sought performance. Amidst smiles, new friendships and great memories, the group said goodbye to one another at the historic Refuge Turin, with the desire to start all over again and with the nostalgia of an unforgettable experience. The exciting day was also an opportunity to experiment the important collaboration between the company of Ziano di Fiemme and the historic Society of Alpine Guides of Courmayeur, the oldest, most numerous and prestigious in the Alps.



The second event took place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March, and the meeting point was the La Sportiva Store in Pozza di Fassa, where participants were able to tests the products hands-on during the workshops with the Alpine Guides and the Product Specialists of the La Sportiva team.

The evening ended with the intervention of event host Giuliano Bordoni – La Sportiva ambassador, Mountain Guide and free rider - and was focused mainly on the theme of safety in the mountains. He conveyed his knowledge and experience to those present with true passion, a mix of anecdotes and by arousing the curiosity of all. To do the honours of the house instead, Antonio Bonet - better known as Toni - legendary Mountain Guide of Pozza di Fassa, who accompanied all those present to his home playground, organizing a fascinating trip in the heart of the Dolomites, immersed in dreamlike sceneries. Toni enlivened the day with his enthralling enthusiasm, always ready wit, telling mythical stories about himself and other historic mountaineers. The sun cradled the group throughout the day, and it was a further gift of this magical experience.



The ski mountaineering trip developed along a climb of about 600 meters of elevation gain towards the Cigolade Pass, located in the Catinaccio mountain range, from which in the background the whole group of Lagorai and the Queen of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, could be admired. Reaching the 'top' was an intense moment, made even more unique by sharing this joy with fellow adventurers. A quick exchange of high fives and pats on the shoulders, some selfies and the tour continued with the descent to Gardeccia.

The particular, multiple conditions encountered and the “hard to interpret snow”, were ideal for testing the Vanguard boots in technical and challenging situations. "It’s not the first time I’ve worn these boots, on the contrary, I have been using them for quite some time: the Vanguards are designed for those who want to approach Free-Touring, they are well structured, and perfect for a more focused approach to the descent", said Giuliano Bordoni at the end of the event.



The magnificent day ended at the charming Rifugio Stella Alpine Spiz Piaz, with the cut of the "LaSpo" cake together and a group of people from the La Sportiva Team, who helped make the moment of conviviality even more unique. A quick exchange of glances and phone numbers to seal the many, new, wonderful friendships with the people met at the event, all of which share a strong common passion for the mountains, and each one of them being part of a large family, in perfect La Sportiva spirit. The Vanguard Experience represents, in fact, the natural evolution of the DNA of the Trentino brand, which places at the centre of every innovation the attention to the individual and the human aspect, combined with maximum quality and attention to detail, and always focusing special attention to the environment and sustainability. The company from Ziano di Fiemme has always anticipated and developed trends of moving in the mountains: to better support outdoor enthusiasts is expanding further its offer, using its many years of experience to ensure suitable products to face any challenge, developed with maximum safety and using cutting-edge materials.

The philosophy of the renowned Italian brand consists in a tangible, human and direct approach, which looks at the future: innovation with passion, for your mountain.




Photos: Riccardo Dell'Acqua

Author: Marta Manzoni


Vanguard Woman

Available colors: 1
As low as €735.90


Available colors: 1
As low as €735.90