La Sportiva opens its first brand store in Spain

La Sportiva, the brand from Trentino, opens the first international store in Rodellar, the famous European climbing centre.

La Sportiva opens its first brand store in Spain

La Sportiva, worldwide leader in the outdoor market, expands its brand experience internationally by opening its first brand-store in the Iberian Peninsula in June 2017, following the other three brand-stores in Cavalese, Arco and Ziano di Fiemme. The choice of Rodellar as a location, a place renowned throughout Europe for its climbing routes, is in line with the strategy of the brand from Trentino, which aims at being present with its own 100% La Sportiva point of sales in the all of the most important climbing spots in Europe thus confirming its leadership position in the field of sports climbing, a fast growing discipline even in urban centres thanks to the ever-increasing widespread of indoor climbing gyms.

Giulia Delladio, head of the Global Retail project, comments: “The Rodellar store is our first project outside the national territory and we have chosen as a location, the worship place for Spanish and European climbers and the strategic support of our Spanish distributor Snow Factory, led by brothers Alejo and Javier Garriga, and our client Deportes Guara for optimum installation. The choice to open a store in one of the most important climbing spot in Europe is perfectly in line with the core-business of the company, represented by the climbing market. The new store will fully represent our values and our brand experience”.

"The distributor of La Sportiva in Spain, Snow Factory, has played a key role in this initiative" says Enrico Carniel, the La Sportiva Sales Manager. Javier Garriga, the Snow Factory sales manager in Spain, Andorra and Portugal points out: “It is a strategic step for our brand and it is both a great satisfaction but also a great responsibility to transfer to the Spanish market the experience of a brand created by the Delladio Family and its staff over the years: we feel a part of the family and this, I believe is essential for the success of this ambitious project. The decision to open a store in a location that has fewer than 100 inhabitants is perfectly in line with the company strategy aimed at provide perfect service and maximum reach of its products to the climbing community in the most important climbing areas in Europe. But all of this would not have been possible without a partner like Deportes Guara, the owner of the historical camping Mascun, a landmark for climbers in the area”.

This continues the expansion of the brand, born and still operating in the mountains of the Dolomites and which is preparing to celebrate 90 years of company history in the year 2018,