Climbing on The Moon: the tribute line to the golden age of climbing presented

The capsule collection of sweatshirts and t-shirts, accompanied by the new TX4 R, is now available on the website and at authorised retailers

Climbing on The Moon: the tribute line to the golden age of climbing presented

The vintage inspired logo and colours are the distinctive feature of the Climbing on the Moon line, the collection presented with the aim of paying homage to the golden years of climbing and celebrating the important ninety-fifth anniversary of La Sportiva's foundation.

Aiming for the summit, opening up the most ambitious routes and overcoming one's own limitations drive the aspirations of every climber. And this vision is reflected in the Climbing on the Moon line, which implicitly urges us to constantly challenge ourselves, to embrace the mountains with respect and to always seek new goals, without barriers.



The capsule collection, made up of sweatshirts and t-shirts in three colours – light blue, fuchsia, grey

– features  graphics and colours linked to the history of the brand with a clear reference to the 80s, a period when the company's production focus moved to the climbing sector with the development and patenting of technical solutions, thanks to the passion and ingenuity that has always inspired La Sportiva technicians and developers. An interconnected set of values which have helped place the brand among the leaders in its sector and among the most desired by the growing global climbing community.



The new  TX4 R completes the line, a shoe that has all the characteristics to become iconic. This model is the special re-edition of the TX4 model by La Sportiva. Only revamped visually, it maintains the same technical features: TX4 R is designed for approaches, via ferratas and hiking and represents a tribute to the origins of the brand, thanks to the application of the classic logos and the use of historical colours.

The model is characterised by the Resole Platform insert, which facilitates the resoling of the product, extending its life cycle. By using a network of professionals authorised and trained directly by La Sportiva, it is possible to extend the use of a product that is still in good condition, while preserving all its original performance characteristics and reducing its environmental footprint.