Yosemite update: Will “Dawn Wall” soon see a second ascent?

La Sportiva ambassador Adam Ondra is not only the strongest sport climber in the world, and after working for one year on a 9c project in Norway, after winning his second World Champ, now he’s currently in Yosemite to attempt the Dawn Wall (and to see how he will perform in climbing’s greatest proving ground.)

There are few people capable of giving a chance to the the hardest, longest rock climb in the world. A route that has been climbed only once. In 19 days. But if there were one person who might do it, it would be Adam Ondra, the Czech wizard for whom apparently nothig’s impossible.

As his first time ever in Yosemite, he basically focused the trip in climbing El Capitan: The Nose and the Salathé Wall, as principal goals, but he also planned to attempt the second ascent of the Dawn Wall, the iconic route climbed for the first time in January of 2015 by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin JorgesonIt.

Is from yesterday the news that Adam made his attempt to onsight the Nose, free climbed for the last time by Jorg Verhoeven in October of 2014, starting with his dad at first light and caming back in the darkness.

“It has been probably the longest climbing day of my life.” Reveals Adam on his facebook page after having onsighted all of the pitches up to the Great Roof (5.13), which unfortunately got the better of him.

“I had a pretty good flash go, got the beta, lowered and gave it a second shot thinking I would fire it off easily, but I had not realized how important the feet are on this climb. After climbing so many pitches and taking no rest after my flash, they went super shaky and weak. I fell, gave it even a third go and fell in the end of the traverse. There was no point in giving it more tries and we just wanted to top out.”

Adam and his dad continued on in darkness and onsighted all of the following pitches except for the 5.14 Changing Corners. They topped out at midnight and the valley greeted them with torrential rain. Highlighting the overall experience, Adam ended the day assuring that the Nose “is one of the most famous climbs in the world and I am super glad to have climbed it with my dad, even though not free. A big day out.”

Adam has over a month left in the valley and has already scoped out a great deal of The Dawn Wall. Although he has previously stated that the 'really important' route for him is Salathé Wall (5.13b); “It’s just obvious to go for such a legendary route onsight. But I’m definitely afraid of the Monster