Would you like to own a custom shoe?

With the introduction of the new Solution climbing shoe this becomes possible.

When climbing first emerged in the 80s, climbing shoes, came in just one colour and this remained unaltered for many years, due to both production and marketing issues. From the production point of view It was difficult to obtain tanned leather in diverse colour tones from those initially planned, while marketing promoted this extremely technical and functional product in association with immediately recognizable colours. That was quite some time ago now... since then production techniques have evolved (without losing sight of the strong artisan tradition) as well as marketing trends and nowadays it is universally acknowledged that products should also be eye catching: apart from being functional, the climbing shoe must also look good and should the choice of colours be wide enough to allow us to spot our very own pair amongst all of the others in the gym, then even better. The new Solution model (available both for men and women) sprang from the need for customization.  Today, a special production technique allows to randomly mix the colours that characterize the edges of the tie rod making each pair of Solution unique, different and very personal. Every single component is different from the other; a little like the 1980s multi-coloured high bouncing balls:  it was almost impossible to find someone around with the same colour combination. This video shows our Solution models (men and women).   But what is your Solution like? Show us by posting a photo on twitter using l'hashtag #yoursolution