Watch the video dedicated to all the trail runners out there!

Bushido: the way of the trail runner

In ancient Japanese the term Bushido signified “the way of the Samurai warrior”: a lifestyle that revolved around a rigid code of honour, respect for the opponent and a methodical preparation aimed at achieving the final objective. Bushido indicated the road that every warrior had to to follow with conviction, maximum concentration and awareness. When developing the Bushido trail running shoe concept La Sportiva drew inspiration from the fact that all trail runners no matter their competitive level, from urban runners to technical adventure racers and sky runners all choose to run far from the beaten track. Trail runners prefer to train differently from road runners, preparing for the many variables that can be found along the way, to address not only their opponents but the natural elements too. Trail runners encounter rocks, roots, stone and mud along their way; tough uphill hauls are followed by plenty of fast downhill running. The unbeaten track offers constant new adventures and the natural environment brings tremendous satisfaction. In short, runners who trade the pavement for dirt tracks also chose a new way of thinking, a very precise way of life: “the way of the trail runner”. Find out more in a special video where nature and the off road spirit are protagonists alongside la Sportiva athletes Marco Facchinelli and Christian Varesco.  Sit back and enjoy!