James Pearson su "The Quarryman": un'ascesa... da video!

La Sportiva athlete James Pearson bring us to the hardest Slate rock climb in the world, and getting back to the 80’s of the British climbing legend Johnny Dawes, grabs his ascento to “The Quarryman”

What is The Quarryman?

A legend, a myth, and a legacy: Johnny Dawes, British climbing legend, so unusual because of his monkey climbing style, established The Quarryman, and sent it to fame by climbing it in the « Stone monkey » video. Johnny was revolutionary because of his so dynamic style, at a time when Patrick Edlinger and the Frenchies aimed for perfection and slowness.

And the Groove of The Quarryman was suggested as the hardest back and foot chimney in the world.

The Quarryman groove could be described as an imperfect perfect corner. Just a few less irregularities, and the groove wouldn’t work.

After the first pitch (6c) and a weird traverse on the second, with only 2 protections next to each other, the 3rd pitch is the oh-so famous groove.

James took a few tries, falling on the bottom crux with a foot popping off the next to non-existent footholds.

There was an interesting twist to my ascent, in that I wanted to climb the route wearing Mythos, to be as close to the experience of Johnny back in the 80’s. - explains James - Unfortunately I couldn’t climb the crux pitch, I fell on the same move 5 times! Finally I decided to try my Genius, and I climbed the pitch first try!

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