Sardinia Bloc Scouting: the web-series!

We put on-line the 5 episodes web-series of the Sardinia Bloc Scouting!

If you think that Sardinia was just a sea reagion and with only a few climbing spot, you should watch these 5 videos based on the great experience we had in Gallura, the north part of the reagion that is fully of granites bloc and that is one of the best kept secrect of the italian climbing scene!

A complete web-series made by climbers for climbers in which you can discover all the best bloc that the La Sportiva ambassadors (like Anthony Gullsten, Nalle Hukktaivall, Cody Roth and many others guided by Pietro Dal Pra) discovered, cleaned and climbed during the adventure trip!
You can watch all the videos here belows or on our official youtube channe!

And don't forget to download the complete guide to Gallura blocs! Download it now and book a flight to Sardinia!