My dear old hiking boots, ah, so many memories!

A true love story with an Olympus Mons Evo...

Some stories are destined to stand the test of time like the relationship between hiking boots and mountaineer in the famous song about a man who looks back nostalgically on all the time passed in the company of his inseparable hiking companions. There are indeed many stories of mountaineers and their inseparable expedition boots, as many expedition climbers grow very attached to their main means of survival in extreme conditions, while others simply prefer to keep their boots for as long as possible because over time the boot has moulded perfectly to the morphology of the foot guaranteeing a perfect fit. Boots become inseparable travel companions; durable and reliable in all conditions. Occasionally, however, some stories leave a deeper impression, and we want to tell you about one in particular, worthy of being shared because it is a true tale of duration, stubbornness and obstinacy over time. Some time ago, during one of his visits to our company in Ziano di Fiemme (TN), mountaineer Simone Moro, entered  the R&D department clutching a pair of Olympus Mons, arousing quite a stir, in part due to the stench coming from the boots  and in part due to their extremely battered look.  These boots were in fact a piece of memorabilia of great sentimental value belonging to a certain Jacek Teler, a strong contemporary Polish climber who had immediately fallen in love with the Olympus model back in 2006, when he first purchased them in t Chamonix. From the French town to the summit of K2 is certainly no short distance to cover, and it was during this expedition that the relationship between climber and boot was cemented in an indissoluble way. From that moment on, Jacek and the boots became inseparable and he used them on the 8 very diverse and demanding expeditions listed below: 2007: Broad Peak (8047m) and K2 (reaching 7800m) 2008-09: Nanga Parbat (winter attempt) 2009: Gashebrum I (arriving at 7450m) and II (arriving at 8000m) 2010: Gashebrum I (7000m), II (summit) and K2 (7600m).  2011: K2 (7000 m) and Gasherbrum II (summit).  2012: Gasherbrum 1 (6800m) and K2 (7650m) 2013 Expedition on Nanga Parbat (suspended) 2014: Nanga Parbat winter attempt

Quite an impressive line up for one pair of boot ... and it tells us much about the legendary, obsessive care and attention Jacek paid to his equipment. In fact each base camp saw him set up and manage an emergency-style cobbler and repairs corner, rather than spending the time to recuperate his strength like other fellow climbers. Technology and craftsmanship in short, in true La Sportiva style. Grandfather Narciso Delladio, founder of "La Calzoleria Sportiva" back in 1928, would certainly be proud of such a long lasting product. Congratulations Jacek, from all of us at LaSpo.