La Sportiva Resolers Day 2013

At the end of November, La Sportiva hosted their first resoling clinic for climbing shoes, an exclusive event for authorized resolers.

The clinic has been widely promoted by the company, who are convinced that customers require a service for their footwear throughout the entire life cycle of the product. The quality of its brand is paramount to this Trentino-based company and this includes the maintenance of the products' characteristics and performance over time. For this reason, La Sportive aims to build a network of specialist resolers who will work with company-approved, original spare parts, and who approach their work the utmost care. All climbers know that every shoe they wear will need to be re-soled at least once during its lifetime.  Therefore La Sportiva offers their loyal customers service which provides the highest quality over time, even after resoling. Climbers are therefore guaranteed a product which offers optimum performance and durability, which ultimately saves them money in the long run. The new adventure has only just begun, but it is likely to continue for a long time, because for La Sportiva quality and innovation are a constant goal.