La Sportiva assieme ai fenomeni del climbing al Festival dello Sport di Trento

Per il secondo anno La Sportiva sarà sponsor ufficiale del Festival con la partecipazione dei fenomeni del mondo dell’arrampicata.

After the success of the first edition in the Italian city with the greatest number of active climbers, the Sports Festival promoted by Gazzetta dello Sport returns to Trento for the second edition from 10 to 13 October with the spotlight on the PHENOMENA of world climbing in all its disciplines.  A space dedicated to mountaineering companies and sports climbing could not be missing.  Sports climbing is infact,  in strong ascent in Italy,  as in the rest of the world and will be included for the first time as one of the official disciplines in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

La Sportiva, which has always been at the forefront of the dissemination of this sport and for which in the 1970s it first created footwear designed specifically for climbers, will also be featured on this occasion as sponsor of the climbing events that will take place in Maria Maggiore Square during the days of the Festival.  And if the festival’s theme is The Phenomena, then La Sportiva has responded to the call by bringing on stage the phenomena from the world of climbing: events commence with two of the strongest climbers in the world, the athlete from Turin, Federica Mingolla protagonist of some of the most challenging trad routes in Italy and Angela Eiter, legend of the Austrian climbing scene, 4 times world champion in rope climbing,  6 times winner of Rock Master in Arco, the most iconic invitation race in the climbing world and holder of the highest grade of climbing ever achieved in female climbing, with her “9b” obtained in 2017, in Spain; the line-up continues with the” Michael Jordan” of the climbing scenario, Adam Ondra, the athlete making his second appearance at the festival as an inevitable representative of the vertical world, the Austrian Jakob Schubert, gold medal winner at the 2018 world “combined” championships, with a competition prize list worthy of a true phenomenon of the climbing discipline and Stefano Ghisolfi, leading athlete of the Italian National climbing team who entered history as the first Italian ever to climb a 9b route and among the four climbers in the world to have climbed a 9b+ route, the highest degrees known in the vertical world.

 The Sports Festival has the great merit of giving great visibility to all sports, even those on the launching pad like climbing, perhaps not yet known to the general public at least until next year’s Olympics, but with a long history and movement that is phenomenal by definition: from a sport practiced by a handful of enthusiasts in the 70s, it is today among the coolest disciplines of the moment, practiced at every latitude, both on rock and  the indoor walls of the increasingly present artificial structures dedicated to this discipline, especially in the large metropolitan centres.  A sport that inspires, as only a phenomena can do.”– declares Lorenzo Delladio, CEO and Chairman of the family business. Sport, passion, territory: 3 key elements for La Sportiva that will find full realization in the 4 days of celebration of sport in Trento.

To sum it up in a world, or rather, a hashtag: #TrentoLaSportiva

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