Discovering Skimountaineering

More than a sport.

Discovering ski mountaineering: Ski mountaineers are often asked: “why do you do it?”  What is it that makes us want to climb uphill using only our own strength, to be the first to make tracks in virgin territory, over an ocean of pure white snow untouched by other skiers, snow ploughs or snowmobiles?   The reasons are manifold but can be summed up with the words freedom, nature, discovery and research. Everyone has their own reasons and finds satisfaction both in the effort required to get to the top and the pure fun of the descent. Everyone has a personal interpretation of ski mountaineering. At La Sportiva we let the images in this special video describe our interpretation of ski mountaineering. “That’s why we are ski mountaineers” and that’s why we provide ski mountaineers with everything they need to live their own adventures in the mountains, from clothing and gear for the world of race and competition to the more traditional ski mountaineering in search of adventure and discovery. Let winter begin.  We are ready.