Arco Rock Legends 2013 nominations

The nominations for the VIII edition of Arco Rock Legends that will assign the La Sportiva Competition Award.

A strong but diverse group will line up in Arco at the beginning of September to celebrate the eighth Arco Rock Legends, the important international awards that assigns two prestigious sport climbing prizes, the Salewa Rock Award and the La Sportiva Competition Award. A small strong group that includes some of the best climbers in the world, of course, comprised of some familiar faces to this small Italian town and also some newcomers, selected in this first phase by an international jury who on Friday 6 September will face the daunting task of choosing two winners. Let’s start with the Salewa Rock Award. This prize is intended for the climber who has left an important mark worldwide, thanks to the routes climbed and also to his or her distinct personal style. In the running for the sport climbing Oscars are Steve McClure, Alexander Megos, Adam Ondra and Chris Sharm. If the 12 jurors representing the 12 international magazines have plenty to discuss for the “rock” award, they’ll certainly have food for thought for the “plastic”, ie for the La Sportiva Competition Award as those nominated this year are 3 super athletes, the Austrians Angela Eiter and Jakob Schubert and Slovenia’s Mina Markovic. As many will remember, Eiter won the coveted prize during this first Arco Rock Legends edition and although in recent years she has reduced her World Cup schedule somewhat, her results are nonetheless astounding: 6 Rock Master victories (on a par with Ramon Julian Puigblanque) and 4 times Lead World Champion. The last was won in 2012 in Paris, immediately after her memorable victory in Arco in 2011. And while in Arco her teammate placed second, in Paris Schubert set the record straight by winning his first World Champion title, which adds to his two bronze medals won in the Lead World Cup and the Bouldering World Cup. 2012 really was a stellar year for young Schubert. Just like for Mina Markovic who, after having missed out on the World Championship due to injury, proved unbeatable in the Lead World Cup (for the 2nd time ever) and also managed to take 4th place overall the Bouldering World Cup. As if to say, the strongest athletes can have their say in all disciplines, and the jury really will have a tough time choosing a winner. From rockmasterfestival website.