"I just want to be happy. That's why I climb". the Czech climber protagonist of a magical, italian, Climbing Night .

Adam Ondra seems to be a normal human being. He is a young man in his early twenties, with messy hair and eyes full of dreams. Adam seems quite normal as he sits cross-legged on the floor of a gym, taking pictures and talking about his travels, rocks and climbing shoes, in the company of strangers. But it is when he puts on those climbing shoes and begins to climb, that Adam Ondra, does not seem so human anymore. It was 8 pm last night in via Gramsci in Pero-Milano, when the famed Czech champion fresh from RockMaster set foot on the first climbing hold as silence fell amidst the coloured walls of one of Europe's finest gyms. It was "his" Climbing Night, organized in partnership with La Sportiva and Rock Spot Milan Northwest. A big events audience had gathered, the spotlights were on him and the almost impossible to close route, plotted for the occasion by a cynical and inspired Gabriele Moroni. 
It was 8 pm and five hundred people stood motionless, with eyes upturned following that mass of messy hair moving safely from one handhold to another, incredulous at the ease with which Adam Ondra seemed to be climbing.  Yet there he was, before their very eyes.

Equally incredible was the serenity with which, once back on the ground, the climber of "Change" began to talk about himself, no longer through his climbing, but in his own words. And they were all still there watching him, once again thrilled by the simplicity and strength of character that distinguishes him from others and that contributes to making him the champion he is. 
It takes passion and determination to achieve ones goals, and it takes great courage to embark on big projects. Exactly the same courage it takes to be happy.
“And I just want to be happy” said Adam, a young man in his twenties with messy hair and clear targets in mind.  “That’s why I climb”.   
He concluded his climbing night as he had started, with a shy smile, and with the simplicity of his gestures and words.  A final toast and the audience becomes protagonists once again along with the champion of champions in the gym which is large enough for all, athletes and climbing enthusiasts alike.