Climb-in-Gym Tour presents Adam Ondra climbing night!

La Sportiva ambassador will be the Climb-in-gym special guest next Tuesday at Blokhelden in Bamberg (DEU)

One year is already passed, when Adam Ondra was the special guest at one of the most beautiful Europe's walls, for climbing and share his story with more than two hundred people.

A climbing night full of emotions, stories, and shared experiences starring with the “champion of champions” and dedicated to all those fans who always follow his breathtaking adventures all around the world. An opportunity to learn more about, meet and talk to Adam Ondra.

These are for sure the kind of events which most represent the values of brand La Sportiva: The passion towards the sport told not only through results and products, but through the people who live this world every day, making it always more incredible.

An kind of event that definitely is worth to be replicated, and as the second edition of Climb-In-Gym tour is running these days, Adam Ondra follows, together with his stories and experiences.

Here we are with the long awaited confirmation: Tuesday, April 4th, Adam Ondra will be again our special guest this time within the walls of the Blockhelden gym in Bamberg (DEU)

Starting from 16.00, the gym will be open to the public with a chance to win the official t-shirts of the tour and test all the new La Sportiva products: From the brand new climbing shoes Kataki and Maverink to skwama and Otaki without forgetting the No-Edge series, and a colorful line of climbing apparel “made for climbers”.

Ready to help you and answer to your questions, there will be La Spo team guys, and also the special guest of the day: Adam Ondra.

The Czech climber of Change and Dawn Wall will be there to climb with anyone who wanted to follow him: Opportunity to steal some valuable advice to this great champion and test all of his favourite climbing shoes.
At 20:00 it will be the time for Adam to take the stage. No longer through the fluidity of movement on the but through his words, sharing with the audience his dreams of climber and boy, his fears and goals, his successes and failures.

The date is set, climbing lovers, so take note on your diary and don’t miss the opportunity to join us for this incredible climbing night!

h 15.00 : test the latest La Sportiva climbing shoes together with the local hero of Frankenjura, Heiko Queitsch, wich will answer to all your questions about the La Sportiva models.

h 17.00: Adam Ondra arrival. In addition, Adam will also have the extra route for Markus Bock in his D.N.S. Bow. Meanwhile, the guys from Epic TV will still be busy interviewing Ondra collecting material for a special episode of Climbing Daily.

h 20.00: Adam Ondra will be on the stage for a special lecture about his local climbing areas, 2016 climbing season and, of course, his achievement of the Dawn Wall

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