#MyTrangoTower adventures end in the heart of the Dolomites: a vanlife story with Michael & Victoria of BlueMoon The Crew

The #MyTrangoTower adventure series stops in the heart of the Dolomites with the story of Viktoria and Michael. The two young Austrian instagramers will take us from Slovenia to Val Gardena together with their van and the unmistakable Trango Tower!

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.” 

Last September we decided to pack our friends, our gear and cameras into our Volkswagen T4 van and hopped into a new adventure.
The road is the place where, personally, we feel most alive makes. Discover unknown places, rediscover ourselves, make breathtaking experiences in the wildereness: this is for sure the true essence of life for us. When we left home, what we saw in front of us was not just an asphalt strip ready to take us somewhere, but days filled with great people, amazing hikes, beautiful landscapes, music and bonfires.
Our story starts in the Alps of Austria, goes on to the Triglavski National Park in Slovenia and takes its end in the more than amazing Dolomites of South Tyrol.

From our home in Austria we were heading to the great Triglavski National Park which extends along the Italian and close to the Austrian border. Known for the wonderful lakes, rivers and diverse flora the National Park it’s a magical place that brings every kind of joy. But because photographing flowers is not our favorite hobby, we decided to climb up Mount Mangart on a pretty chilly Sunday afternoon. The via ferrata starts on the Italian side and continues on the Slovenian side – how wonderful that different cultures connect in the mountains. The following days we enjoyed the wilderness at Laghi di Fusine and Lago del Predil, two glacial lakes which lie on the ridge of Picco Mezdì. Luckily, we met some nice people with great equipment and binoculars and we spent some time looking for bears – even though we were not successful it was such a great experience.

Our favorite stop of the whole trip was probably exploring the least well-known part of the Dolomites. The so called Dolomiti Friulane which are part of the Carnic Alps. An absolutely untouched, wild area of the Dolomites massif but still so calm and peaceful.
Our main goal was to see the fascinating Campanile di Val Montanaia, in Val Cimoliana. To reach this beautiful 300 meters high monolith, you can leave directly from the Rifugio Pordenone for a hiking tour of about three hours on dirt road. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the small valley, admire in peace the unique and evocative beauty of this solitary spire and listening to the bell fixed on its summit for “those who dare” reaching it: “Audentis resonant per me loca muta triumpho” are the original words engraved on the bell in 1926. With a heart full of joy, new experiences and great memories we hiked back to our van, enjoyed a wonderful dinner with friends, a bonfire and a lot of laughter. Then finally - snuggling into our super cozy home on wheels and being all excited for the next days.

We chose to spending the last days in Val Gardena. How can you fall in love with a place over and over again? We don’t know but it definitely happens all the time when we are in South Tyrol.
All these tricky pass roads, rough mountains and lonely spots for camping: There is nothing more we could ask for. Going on hiking with our friends and just soaking up every second in the wilderness. Also, no chance to hide this deep connection we feel to people in South Tyrol. We do not only fall in love with the Dolomites over and over again but also with the people and their mindset, their culture, language and dialect. We wished we could stay longer, but one last cold night in the van, one last sunset on the top of at Passo Gardena and one last coffee to warm up the fingers, and it was already time to leave again. We will come back for sure to feel this unique, powerful energy of the Dolomites again.


The La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX are the only pair of hiking boots we brought with us. If you travel in a van, you probably know that there is not a lot of space so we make sure to make good choices regarding your equipment. Wherever long hikes or via ferrata, these boots never let us down. Precise, comfortable, lightweight and with an optimal grip, they have proved their worth and functioned properly.
ARCADIA PANT (women)  are thin but super comfortable pants which Viktoria usually wears for almost all hikes. The TX MAX PANT “are perfect for going vertical but also a good choice for a nice hike” said Michael.

About the authors: Viktoria & Michael are two outdoor enthusiasts from Austria and are constantly craving adventures in their blue home on wheels. On their Instagram account they share their adventures and affinity to photography. Their main goal is “to inspire others to go outside and play”, they say.  Are you interested? Find out more on @bluemoonthecrew


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