The La Sportiva Outdoor Paradise project will not be developed

The La Sportiva Outdoor Paradise project will not be developed: a minority of opponents re-launched the purchase of SITR srl shares, thus blocking proposals for the eco-sustainable redevelopment of Passo Rolle presented by La Sportiva.

Ziano di Fiemme, 20th October 2017 – The La Sportiva Outdoor Paradise, an ambitious project for the eco-sustainable redevelopment of Passo Rolle, proposed by Lorenzo Delladio, Managing Director and President of La Sportiva S.p.a., Ziano di Fiemme, is a dream destined to remain so. Delladio expressed his deepest regret for “not having been able to convince a small minority of operators and representatives of the various institutions involved, of the innovative scope of the proposal and the opportunities that it would have introduced by promoting a new and different type of tourist development: an area completely free of ski lifts that would have made a tremendous impact on the whole of Trentino, which would have become the first region to offer this uniqueness”.

“We set out firmly convinced that Outdoor Paradise, a project promoting the innovative redevelopment of tourism and the environment, could have and would have seen the proactive involvement of all interested entities, hoteliers, ski plant operators and all operators of tourism, trade and the agro-food chain. Having a common aim, it would be possible to define and realize a new concept of tourism, capable of enriching, without supplanting, the traditions forms of tourism already on offer.These are the words of Lorenzo Delladio, who added that he had encouraged the participation of all parties, convinced that the project would have been able to generate new development opportunities for Passo Rolle and for the whole of Trentino. Delladio continues: “After having spoken to everyone and having immediately sought to share what I considered not only an entrepreneurial vision, but above all, an environmental and touristic opportunity, I deeply regret that the premises for the realization of the project no longer exist.
General public consent and the appreciation of the political majority and of the Passo Rolle operators, who immediately saw this project as an opportunity to find a quick way out of the stagnation of recent years, can no longer be followed. The opponents are, in fact, determined to prevent change from being made, through the re-launch of SITR Srl shares, the company that owns the ski lifts on behalf of the Enterprise and Territory S.r.l. 

For Delladio it is not so much the re-launch of shares to have frozen the development of the project, rather the inability of a minority group to seize the opportunity to innovate together, embracing the new challenges that the future poses to tourism, especially in the winter months. The ongoing climatic change and the increase in the costs of running a traditional ski resort could have found a solution in a new, timely proposal for a suitable, unique and sustainable type of tourism.  Moreover, it would have been a seasonally adjustable offer that, given its uniqueness could be potentially activate for 12 months a year.

It should be remembered that the proposal would have been able to combine alpine skiing, ski mountaineering and all outdoor mountain sports, both summer and winter, with a unique tourist proposal, that would have seen protagonists on one side, the ski lifts of San Martino di Castrozza and on the other the eco friendly tourism area of Passo Rolle.
We now hope that a fully privatized investment is not replaced by an investment funded mainly by the public body that probably would not be able to solve the problems of the area, and might possibly create criticalities at neighbouring stations, with additional public works aimed at replenishment of losses.

Thus, we see the end of a sensibilization project that over the last few months has passionately animated the tourism industry in Trentino but this is not the end of La Sportiva’s commitment to promote and encourage a new Sustainable approach to enjoying the mountains and its sporting practices: even though individual actions can be hindered, vision remains firm, solid and futuristic.


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