Save the Brand 2017, La Sportiva shines once again among the “Tre F” stars.

The company from Trentino, world leader in the footwear and outdoor clothing sector, received formal recognition in Milan for the third consecutive year, for its contribution to the “digital customer experience.

On the 28th of November, the best of Made in Italy Fashion, Food and Furniture was celebrated in Milan in the fourth edition of “FFF - Save The Brand”. The protagonists of the evening were the Italian companies that in these three sectors distinguished themselves in the enhancement of their brand both in economic terms and in terms of image, including La Sportiva, a leading company in the world of outdoor footwear and clothing.

The objective of the research promoted by ICM Advisor is in fact, to understand which brands, in the so-called 3F sector system, grow more and are more effective in transforming strategies into business profitability, trying to identify among the many Italian excellences, the future ambassadors of “Made in Italy” across the border.

So, after having been awarded last year for having focused strongly on the internationalization of the brand, La Sportiva obtained for 2017 another important recognition, this time specifically linked to the digital world, in the BEST PRACTICE LIFESTYLE BRAND category.

The Trentino brand, which since 1928 is committed to offering the best of Made in Italy design and production to outdoor sports lovers, has been awarded by the organizers for distinguishing itself as a Lifestyle brand for mountain lovers, promoter of the digital customer experience initiatives that plunge the customer into the mountain world, creating involvement and strengthening the brand.

A company commitment that at the dawn of ninety years of activity has been able to go beyond the excellence of the product and its global marketing, establishing itself in different fields and making the brand strong on several fronts, including the increasing important one of digital communication.

La Sportiva has always been a company strongly oriented towards the performance of its products and service for its consumers: The same approach is applied in digital marketing that must first of all provide a service and a quality experience for our users.” – says Luca Mich, marketing and communications manager at La Sportiva. – The recognition of Save the Brand, in this sense, is particularly important because it rewards the work that the brand is doing to continue to offer valuable experience and content in marketing.

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