La Sportiva test&feel 2015: and the Tour become “de France”.

After the success of the Italian edition, La Sportiva raise with a French version of the exclusive test&feel tour, for all the transalpine lovers of the No-Edge technology

Everybody knows that starting from the bicicle ones, the multiple stage tours always had a weakness for these beautiful European countries. So also La Sportiva gives in to temptation and subscribes this lovely combination through a nine-stages tour along the next six months. Turin, Rome, Bologna have been  just some of the amazing locations where the climbing sight has been held. Forerunners of another unmissable series of meetings with our staff and the real protagonists of La Sportiva: The three star of the No-Edge family, including the latest of the line: Genius. A closer look at the the Speedster and Futura models will also help to provide further insight to the motivation that led La Sportiva to develop the "No edge" concept: a revolutionary way of interpreting climbing shoes and climbing itself. The test and feel tour is much more than just a boot test session, it is a real opportunity to learn the difference between one boot and another and know how to choose a rock climbing shoe, depending on foot morphology, personal taste and the "vertical" demands of each climber. Gaining greater awareness of the most important item in climbing, can lead to an evolution in climbing itself, which is why we say "test", and "feel" (feel the rock, feel your foot, feel your own style of climbing) . From Marseilles to Lyon, from Paris to Grenoble, our staff  will help participants to "feel" which shoe best meets their needs, from the perspective of performance, for the pleasure of climbing itself, and for the opportunity of improving as climbers.  All this after having analysed each foot and having listened to the demands of each individual participant. A Tour made to feel. And to get tested. Don’t miss it! There, where and when. Monday  June 15                        SALLE GRIMPER MARSEILLE, LA VALENTINE

Tuesday June 16                         SALLE GRIMPER AIX-EN-PROVENCE, LES MILLES Tuesday  June 23                         SALLE CLIMB’UP LE MUR DE LYON Tuesday  September 15                 SALLE BLOCK’OUT PARIS, EVRY Wednesday  September 16            SALLE WHAT’S UP LILLE, LESQUIN Thursday September 24                 SALLE ESPACE VERTICAL GRENOBLE Thursday October 01                       SALLE ALTISSIMO MONTPELLIER, GRABELS Wednesday  November 03              SALLE DUO DES CIMES GAP Friday  November 13                        SALLE CLIMB’UP AIX