La Sportiva dealers to compete in the Mountain Attack Race 2015!

Atlethes, employees and...dealers will compete in the famous skimountaineering race that will take place in Saalback on 16th January

For the second year in a row the italian outdoor company La Sportiva will be the main sponsor of the world famous austrian race Mountain Attack in which a big La Sportiva team will compete both for winning the race and for fun too. The race-ready big team is composed by 30 atlethes that are part of the La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team guided by Roland Kurz, the creator of the Mountain Attack race. Furthermore, some La Sportiva employees and key partners like the UK distributor Lyon Equipment, will be there to have fun and to trying to survive to the long skimountaineering marathon. So let's go deeply in the details about the team components of La Sportiva/Lyon team! For surethey will be equipped with Syborg let's discover the men behind the machine: Martin Bergerud
The senior member of team UK but don’t be fooled. 
Martin is Lyon Equipment legend and has worked for the distributor for 21 years.  Martin is an outdoors man and keeps himself in shape.  Watch out for the seed eater.  The best thing if he is last, we can always say he is Norwegian! The star in the well-priced UK car. Rob Edmonds
Former athlete Rob Edmonds the owner of Mountain Spirit in Aviemore is making a long awaited return to competition.  Back in training Rob is ready to tackle Mountain Attack.  Known for his quick ski descents battling the ups is going to be the biggest challenge for Rob.  Watch out for the kilt!  Rob will make his mark.
Phil Evans
Phil from Backcountry in Illkey North Yorkshire. 
The soon to be Dad is making the most of his free time.  Phil is the youngster of team UK, and the one we are pinning our hopes on.  A strong climber and all-round athlete, Phil’s strength will be in ascending the slopes.  John Samways
John can tell a tale – he can talk a good climb, run or ski. 
However, when it comes down to the business where will he be?The liability in team UK.  There will be plenty of stories coming from this latest instalment.
Are you ready for them? See you on 16th January in Saalbach for the most exciting Mountain Attack Race ever. For UK market, that's for sure!