La Sportiva climbing test in St. Petersburg

We visited St Petersburg last week and we show all the latest innovation and achievements of La Sportiva

We visited St Petersburg last week. We set two goals for ourselves - organize brand training for our retailers and hold climbing shoes test at the biggest climbing gym in St Petersburg Rock Town. During lectures all sales managers learnt about latest innovation and achievements of La Sportiva. Indoor climbing center Rock Town ( is located in the centre of the city near The Moscow Railway Station. The unique feature of Rock Town climbing center is RockTopia, full imitation of real mountain with brows, tension, colonettes and cracks. And for sure it will be captivating for everyone to climb with WallTopia automatic quickdraws. There are 2 bouldering halls and the height of sport climbing walls reaches 14 meters. That’s a real paradise for climbers and the best area for testing climbing shoes. All participants on shoe tests had a chance to test Solution, Futura and OxyGym climbing shoes. These shoes differ so much from one another but everyone could make the best choice and decide which pair was better. Sasha Gerzha, a member of Russian La Sportiva climbing team, also participated in the test of climbing shoes held at Rock Town climbing centre. Moreover, Sasha Gerzha is one of the five Russian climbers who climbed 9a category. A video about Sasha’s training day in Spain on La Rambla