Dolomiti Energia Trentino in the Mountains with La Sportiva

Renewed partnership between the company from Ziano di Fiemme and the “A” Division Team. La Sportiva launches the “La Sportiva Community Award”

Ziano di Fiemme – The 2017/18 season sees the renewed partnership between the two Trentino based organizations, Dolomiti Energia Trentino and La Sportiva, world leader in the production of outdoor footwear and clothing, which in the year 2018 celebrates its 90th anniversary (the company was founded by Narciso Delladio in 1928). Athletes and staff will wear the brand label  for all outdoor activities and during events aimed at promoting basketball in the territory through the two projects Aquila for no profit and the Trentino Basketball Academy.

To formalize the partnership, La Sportiva has invited Luca Lechthaler, a true icon of basketball in the mountains, thanks to his strong passion for nature and the summits of Trentino and Beto Gomes, who has just signed another two year contract with the team, to take part in a photo shooting with an inevitable mountain flavour: during their visit to the headquarters in Ziano, the two athletes had the opportunity to learn more about the company history, which has always been linked to the world of sports climbing and to see and “touch” the shoes, ropes and harnesses and to learn more about one of the most practiced sports in the Dolomites. 

 “Playing basketball in the mountains means being surrounded by a natural landscape that gives you the opportunity, especially during the off-season to relax body and mind – says mountain lover Luca Lechthaler –  and to be able to enjoy our territory in complete safety, using the finest products from a company like La Sportiva is simply the best.

 “Four years ago - explains Luca Mich, Marketing and Communications Manager at La Sportiva – we started a venture with Aquila, that brought two realities a little closer, the city and the mountains, a project aimed at enhancing the strong link that the company and the association have always had with their own territory: a region where indoor and outdoor sports have always been a fundamental component of every Trentino. The collaboration with Dolomiti Energia Trentino brings a little of the mountains to the city, and why not, a bit of basketball to the mountains.”

And in order to further enhance the link between the two realities with their own territory, from 2018 the new “La Sportiva Community Award” will be assigned at the end of the season to the player of the Aquila Basket Team who has been involved in the greatest number of no-profit activities in favour of the Trentino community. Numerous social initiatives have been organized over the years by Aquila/La Sportiva, such as the charity walk to raise money Tonini mountain hut organized with CAI (Alpine Club) Trento, the green initiatives aimed at promoting the arrival on foot or alternative means to PalaTrento and the collaboration with Cooperativa Samuele,  one of the no profit organizations supported by Aquila, for the production of items made by recycling La Sportiva’s production waste.

Sport, community and territory: all mountain. Wishing everyone a great season.

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