Climbing shoes in the Olympics? A dream comes true

Climbing finds its place among the five disciplines proposed by the Tokyo 2020 International Olympic Committee. Together with baseball / softball, karate, skateboarding and surfing, we now await official confirmation next August.

This decision had been awaited for a long time and it now seems once step closer to coming true. Climbing – and all the specialties Bouldering, Lead and Speed - is close to its first Olympics, thanks to a proposal made by the Tokyo 2020 International Olympic Committee. The president of the Japanese Alpine Club Yagihara Kunio reiterates his conviction with respect to the proposal, defining climbing as "the perfect complement to the programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as well as an inspiration to the 500,000 Japanese climbers and all the spectators who will discover the true nature of this sport." This is therefore an extremely important moment. For some time now the international climbing movement has been committed to the promotion of the sport that year after year continues to grow. A recognition that indirectly also extends to all those companies that always have been striving to promote the development of the sport. La Sportiva , for example, (identified with the sport as the name suggests) the company that for almost ninety years has been meeting the demands of vertical sports enthusiasts offering them innovation and passion through the manufacture of footwear of the highest quality; thus contributing to the birth of today’s champions and following their growth, supporting them in their activities.   La Sportiva now looks forward to official confirmation next August of those disciplines that will enter the great family of this important sports championship, hoping one day to see these talented athletes parade under the iconic Olympic Five Rings.