Kilomètre Vertical De Fully: Maguet, Zemmer and Moletto on the podium of the hardest race of the year

"Laspo"- only, the podium of the most famous vertical race of the world. In the female comp, Christelle Dewalle grab the gold, heade the two la Sportiva ambassadors Betarice Deflorian and Serena Vittori

Perfect conditions last Saturday in Fully, where took place the edition 2016 of last race of the season.

To win the hardest VK of the world, the Italian skimountaineerign talent Nadir Maguet (30’17”), ambassador La Sportiva, headed the king of Vertical Urban Zemmer (that still holds the world record on this track in 29’42”) and Marco Moletto, for a podium signed by La Sportiva.

4th in the rancking, the Spanish machine Kilian Burgada, and than Patrick Facchini, 5th in 30’35”. Terretaz Thomas, Manuel Da Col, Nicola Pedergnana, Marti Werner and Hannes Peckman complete the race’s top ten.

Queen of the day, Christelle Dewalle with a chrono of 35’57”. Second and third on the podium the ambassadors La Sportiva Beatrice Deflorian and Serena Vittori.


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