UTMB 2018: all the athletes racing and the activities scheduled for the week

A week dedicated to the ultra-running will start tomorrow in Chamonix for the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc, which with its five scheduled races represents the most important event of the season. Among the athletes competing for La Sportiva Team Devillaz, Mastrotto, Adell and the American Clare Gallagher. In the same time at the Salon Ultra - trail, surprises with SS19 products, games and the special presence of Anton Krupicka.

Only few days are missing from the most important Trail event of the season to begin, and from 27 August everyone's attention will be focused on Chamonix for the 2018 edition signed UTMB.

Of the 5 races that complete the event with developments ranging from the 56km of the OCC to the 300 of the PTL, the "queen" race of Mont Blanc is needless to say, the UTMB which with its 171km and over 10000mt of climb, touches France, Italy and Switzerland. This year, at 18:00 on Friday, more than 2,300 participants will have to finish the course no later than the time limit set by the organization of 46h and 30m, and La Sportiva will be present to support its athletes and join the heat of the public always present, to support all the runners involved in the race.

Among the elite athletes who will compete for a place in the ultra-running Olympus, two of the new members of the ultra team La Sportiva, the French Sacha Devillaz and the Italian Roberto Mastrotto, who together have already spent several days warming up on the UTMB track, and Cristobal Adell, spearhead of the Spanish team. As for the female race, eyes focused on the American Clare Gallagher, who after winning the CCC last year, also aims to repeat the success on the 170km.

But UTMB it's not just race. UTMB is a moment of sharing, a week in which mountain runners and endurance lovers meet in Chamonix to take part, even just to cheer the athletes, to this unique event. The Salon Ultra-Trail, which every year is filled with brands, races’ organizations and companies working in the sector, will also see La Sportiva present among its exhibitors this year.

Present at Stand NR. 35 following the times of the Salon, (Tuesday 28, 13-19, Wednesday and Thursday 10-19, Friday 10-14) at the La Sportiva stand you could meet our athletes, and see all the new SS20 footwear styles which will be also explained in four languages by the athletes themselves: On the chair, revealing the secrets of Kaptiva and Bushido 2, Sacha Devillaz for French, Roberto Mastrotto for Italian, Anton Krupicka for English and Cristobal Adell for Spanish.

However, there will also be some space for having fun… At least twice a day! Whoever will be at the La Sportiva stand in these “secret” moments could try to win cool gadgets (bracelets, umbrellas, technical garments) putting their skills to test with the "Hit the Peak game. What is it? Or you can discover us by visiting us at our stand, or by following us on the La Sportiva social channels, where there will be plenty of live content from the event.


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