Training tips: Michele Boscacci talks about his mountain running and skimo workouts

Ski mountaineering champion in winter, mountain runner in summer: waiting for the first snow of the season, the La Sportiva team athlete Michele Boscacci reveals some tips on how to train in preparation for winter.

Since I was a child ski mountaineering has always been part of my life, firstly as a passion and then, luckily, also my job.

My training, however, is not limited to the winter season, and if I can achieve important results on the skis it’s only because I put a lot of attention in my preparation throughout the entire year. In summer (starting roughly from mid-June) I interchange cycling and running, the first one to gain kilometres, the second to refine my technic while focusing on uphill running. I like it because, compared to the bike, trail running gives me the opportunity to get more in touch with the environment that surrounds me, giving me quite the same feelings that in winter I get with skimountaineering.

As well as for skimountaineering, I try to bring with me what is strictly necessary also when I go out for my running workouts: light shoes as the Helios SR  and appropriate clothing are basically everything I need for feeling physically and emotionally lighter and confident.

As stated, running is a fundamental part of my preparation. It improves my climbing skills and help me to develop movements that will be memorized by my body and then used months later on the skis. For this reason, my running training is based on traditional running and walking uphill with sticks.

In September and October I also take part to some races, but more for fun than for personal goals. (Those are still centred in the winter season!) I like to compete in the Verticals, since I can push hard and give everything I have in a quite short time. To me, these races are those that better meet my summer training, and also a good way to test my physical condition before diving into the winter season.

Of course, my attitude and training are to be considered as part of a preparation mainly oriented to bear fruits during the winter season. If you run for the same reason, or you just love to practice "fatigue sports" in all seasons, remember that running is a great base for your training, since allows you to make very high rhythms and improve your condition in a quite short time. Just don’t forget the importance of commensurate loads and recovery times not only with the time you have, but especially with the goals you set for the winter!

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