Skylakes: the race in the smallest village of Veneto is back!

This year the skyrace is also part of the circuit La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup

Here we are, one year after the outstanding victory of the race by the two La Sportiva Athletes Martin Stofner e Maite Maiora. Today, just a few days away from the start of the second edition, the skyrace run on the border among Veneto and Trentino, will also be the third and bonus stage of the prestigious skyrunning circuit La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup.

There are some important news for the second edition of the race.

Starting from the race course, in addition to the 26-km distance, with 1850 m of ascent, this year there is also the possibility to run a shorter skyrace of 17 km.

Thanks to the numerous sponsors and supporters of the event, there are some superb prizes for all the finishers and the total jackpot comprised of money and technical prizes, will be assigned among 10 categories on both races.

A great opportunity, not only to discover the smallest village in Veneto, but also to have the chance to run on the routes built and used by the soldiers during World War One.

These details make the event rich in history and natural beauties, as the three uphill and downhills, and the passages on mount Toraro and mount Maggio, testifies.

All the passion for the sport and a unique territory are so recapped in a one-day event that we believe will be a great success.

What are you waiting for? There are just a few hours left to sign up!

For more info on the race circuit: La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup

For more info on the event: Skylakes


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