Skimountaineering: Yesterday the official Federation's recognition by IOC

Good news come form Rio, where yesterday the International Olympic Committee announced the Skimountaineering as part of the Olympic Movement. Now,

Yesterday, the only thing missing was the “officiality”, but today we can assure that “we’re in”: The Skimountaineering is now part of the Olympic Movement

It is a dream come true.”  Luis Lopez, ISMF vice president sport, was joyful to announce and spread the news “The road is still long, but there is good news for all Skimo lovers and it comes from the Tropic of Capricorn: today in Rio de Janeiro the IOC, International Olympic Committee, has decided to grant the full recognition to ISMF, during the Session that is leading through the opening of the XXXI Olympic Games of Rio, Brazil. We made it, now it is time to work even harder”

After the provisional recognition, granted two years ago, in April 2014, the path is now moving a crucial step forward, opening a new and important period for the ISMF. Getting the status of IOC Recognised Federation has been the mission to accomplish since 1988, when the roots of the ISMF message were set with the creation of CISAC, Comité International pour le Ski Alpinisme de Compétition. After that, the ISMF foundation came 20 years later, in 2008. Since then, all the efforts have been shared among the member Federations in order to achieve a common goal.

We are very proud of this result which is also a great responsibility - says Armando Mariotta, ISMF president – and I would like to thank the whole ISMF team for the massive work that everyone carried out and the IOC Sport Department for its precious support

The IOC has been assessing ISMF method and actions in order to check whether the Federation deserved a full recognition. "I believe – adds Mariotta – that there are different reasons contributing to this result". First and fundamental, Ski Mountaineering is a clean and sustainable sport and has always operated to remain this way. "Crucial for the recognition – explains Mariotta – has also been the contract signed with INFRONT in order to set up a media right and broadcasting plan, as well as the agreement with LGC, Le Grande Course, for the new World ranking".

All these elements, together with the attention to youngsters, the constant battle against doping, the increased numbers of athletes attending international competitions, and the sharing of the IOC Good Governance principles, have been the key elements to get this great achievement.