DATE OF BIRTH: 05.04.1990


Silvio Reffo, Vicenza Doc was born in 1990 and began climbing at the age of about 14 on the cliffs near home. Over time climbing for him, became a 360 ° activity from mountains routes to bouldering, later focusing mainly on crag climbing and the competition world. Over the years his passion has taken him to visit the most famous cliffs in the world and to put his personal climbing limit to the test. In 2008 he joined the Italian National Sports Climbing team, from which he later voluntarily decided to leave in order to devote more time to the healthier world of outdoor climbing. In 2012 he graduated in Physiotherapy.
Since then his life is divided between the search for new vertical limits and the rehabilitation of people with different orthopedic problems. Among some of his most important achievements are “The Ring Of Life” (9a / a +) at Covolo and the flash climb of Mind Control (8c / c +) in Oliana.


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In primo piano

  • 2003 starts climbing
  • 2012 Laurea in fisioterapia

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