Rosetta Skyrace crowns Martin Stofner and Lisa Buzzoni winners of the 2017 circuit

Over 300 competitors met to compete on the spectacular, 22.4 km track of the 10th edition of the International Rosetta Skyrace, chosen once again this year as the Gran Finale for the La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup circuit. Gil Pintarelli and Lisa Buzzoni were the winners of the race, but "Crazy Boy" lost the circuit victory by a mere thirty points to the athlete from Alto Adige, Stofner.

Having already run the Trentapassi SkyRace, Ledro SkyRace, Stava Mountain Race, San Fermo Trail and Skylakes, 307 athletes set off from the centre of Rasura to compete on the spectacular, 22.4 km track of the Rosetta Skyrace over alpine pastures and aerial ridges on the Alto Lario.

Daniel Antonioli and Arianna Oregioni were the first athletes to reach the 6th kilometre mark and thus win the Bruno and Giuliana Martinalli memorial cup.  However, the race started to take shape at Alpe Piazza, where the three leading athletes broke away from the large group. The military athlete, Daniel Antonioli,  previous winner of this race, took advantage of his skills as a climber taking the lead from Martin Stofner, the runner from Alto Adige and the Trentino born athlete Gil Pintarelli. He then continued forcing his way to arrive first at the top of Pizzo dei Galli ( 2217 m).

As in previous years, the race was decided over the long sprint towards the finishing line where  Gil Pintarelli managed to give the best of himself. The Trentino athlete from Team Crazy,  grit his teeth and won the Valgerola race once again after seven years. For him a finish time of 2h11'40" a victory that was not sufficient however to allow him to win the overall circuit, which was won instead by Martin Stofner, who came in second place with a finish time of 2h12'39" while bronze medal went to Andrea De Biasi (2h16'54"). Davide Invernizzi and Marco Leoni were also among the first five athletes to finish the race, while Paolo Bert, Erik Gianola, Andrea Morelli, Fausto Rizzi and Massimo Triulzi completed the top-ten runners of the day

In the female race, Lisa Buzzoni let her opponents take the lead in the uphill sections only to climb to victory once again in the end. A double success that crowned her winner of the day and of the circuit with a finish time of 2h41'24". Second place went to the other Italian mountain runner Arianna Oregioni (2h43'11"). In third place we saw an outstanding newcomer to this track Paola Gelpi (2h45'07") while fourth and fifth place went to the athletes from Lecce, Francesca Rusconi and Sara Rapezzi.    

The La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup circuit was won by Martin Stofner  with a total of 333 points beating Gil Pintarelli who in this stage of the final however, gained enough points to pass Paolo Bert.  Taking a look at the final rankings, Pintarelli  finished in second place with 301 points, while Bert slipped back into third position with 283 points. In the female rankings  Lisa Buzzoni crowned her  "magic summer" winning the circuit with 333 points. In second place came Francesca Rusconi (253) followed by Elisa Grill (197) who thanks to good finishing positions managed to steal 3rd place from Ida Parisi (4th  with 191 points).

Having reached the end of this splendid 6th edition, we can say without a doubt that it was a truly thrilling circuit. A mix of joy and fatigue, sweat and stamina, that in many occasions left us literally “breathless”.

This circuit saw the participation of athletes of the highest level, leading protagonists, but above all of ordinary people.  True everyday champions who may not have found themselves on the podium, but who race after race contributed to making the sport so special and unique, a sport for all just like the mountains where the race takes place.

Having reached the end of this season, racing from one peak to another, we are satisfied, enthusiastic and motivated as never before, already looking ahead to next spring.   Our heartfelt thanks goes to all of the individual organizations who with passion and commitment went out of their way to make every race a unique and unforgettable experience and to all the supporters who along the track encouraged the athletes to push on, cheering all of the participants from the first to the last runner.
But the biggest thanks of all goes to all of you, sky-runners, who have created every single stage of this  Mountain Running Cup. It is first of all, thanks to your dedication, passion and tough training, that we have been able to conclude this 5th edition of the race, rewarded by your smiles at the finishing line and ready to start again with the same emotions, next year’s edition. 

Have fun running and remember, Mountain running is #morethanrunning


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