Italian National Climbing Team: Presented the kit for Tokyo 2020

La Sportiva launches a video presenting the official kit with which the Italian Sports Climbing Federation (FASI) athletes are preparing for the Olympic Games

The story has been known for some months now:  La Sportiva has been nominated technical sponsor for FASI for the next 3 years thanks to the supply of technical race and lifestyle clothing to the 170 athletes in the National Team, from the youth sector to the top division team and including paraclimbing, technicians, coaches and race judges.

The company from the Val di Fiemme has thus embarked, together with the National Italian climbing team, upon the path towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that for the first time will see climbing in its various forms, amont the Olympic disciplines.  The first great opportunity for visibility and above all, for qualifying for the Games is scheduled from the 11th to the 21st of August when in Tokyo Hachioji the climbing world championships, will be held, which will give away as a prize, 6 qualifying slots.  For  this occasion La Sportiva will preent the official uniform with a special video supported by the athletes of the senior national team:  Ludovico Fossali, Michael Piccolruaz, Laura Rogora, Marcello Bombardi, Francesco Vettorata and Stefano Ghisolfi.

To the rhythm of hiphop and sounds with an oriental flavour, the video presents the kid created in close collaboration with the Italian climbing federation and with the athletes themselves: products designed for use on the wall and during competitions inspired by La Sportiva climbing training line, urban designs made from stretch fabrics for maximum freedom of movement that are anti-bacterial and quick drying. These are exclusive kits, made specifically for the athletes, but which find their commercial replica in the Workout T-Shirt, Strive tank, Force Shorts, Training Day Hoodymodels and the corresponding female products.

 “In developing the official uniform, we asked ourselves what makes a really indispensable garment for climbers says Alessandro Tedoldi, Atlethes & Events Coordinator La Sportivaso we focused on what is essential and what can enhance performance to the full, working in close contact with Italian athletes and techicians”.

The history of  La Sportiva speaks of a company always at the side (and of course on the feet) of the athletes since the origins of the climbing movement, so it is normal today to accompany the athletes in an ambitious path that unites this sport to what is happening on outdoor walls.  Climbing is in constant ferment and evolution, with the hope that the Games can be a beautiful showcase for the tip of an iceberg, that of an entire vertical movement, much deeper and with solid roots that sink into the history of mountaineering, bringing new practitioners closer to outdoor walls and the essence of this sport.


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