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Polartec® Power Dry™

Mid layer fabrics that keep you comfortable and dry through every adventure.
Polartec® Power Dry™ fabrics are designed to keep you dry when you sweat. Ideal for runners, skiers, and adventure travelers,
all fabrics in this series feature a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the fabric.
This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.
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Polartec® Thermal Pro™

Polartec® Thermal Pro™ Polartec® Thermal Pro™ gear is the most visually
dynamic and technically advanced of the Polartec® insulation fabrics.
Available in a variety of unique surface textures and patterns Polartec® Thermal Pro™
materials are great styling options for virtually every end use. Other versions have
the look of traditional wool with all the performance benefits of fleece.
Polartec® Thermal Pro™ is our most diverse family of fabrics.
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Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™

Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ fabrics feature body-hugging 4-way stretch and are very breathable.
These fabrics feature a proprietary construction with two unique surfaces: a durable
nylon outer layer is wind and abrasion resistant; the soft polyester inner layer pulls moisture away
from your skin keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.
The fabrics excel at handling the demands of the next-to-skin environment.
La Sportiva

Polartec® Alpha™

New concept in synthetic insulation focused on unsurpassed thermoregulation.
Unlike conventional synthetic insulations Polartec® Alpha® is a knit material that offers excellent stability and superior durability
without the need for scrims or tightly woven fiber proof lining fabrics.

Polartec Products

Stretch Gloves

Available colors: 1
As low as €42.90

Skimo Gloves Evo

Available colors: 1
As low as €97.90

Skimo Mittens

Available colors: 1
As low as €97.90

Skialp Gloves

Available colors: 1
As low as €104.50