DATE OF BIRTH: 12.03.1977


"Climbing is not a sport but mostly a sharing lines with the opening routes and boulders. I can not just be a consumer. I need to be a part of the evolution of the climbing and mostly to give it back to the next generation."

Filippe Ribiere was born in Martinique with the Rubinstein-Taby Syndrome and abandoned in an orphanage. During his first four years, he was constantly between the hospital and the orphanage to have multiple surgeries performed to attempt to remedy my handicap and help him with the functional mobility of hands and feet. At four years he was adopted and moved to Nimes, France with his foster family. Until the age of twelve he continued to get surgeries to follow corrections made by the first doctors in Martinique.
During his education, his adoptive parents took the choice to include him in normal school so he was never in the special center for handicap persons. He has always considered himself able to do the same activities of his brothers and sisters: swimming, football and running. As normal as he felt, he noticed some adults doubting me, laughing and looking at him like an Alien. His innocence disappeared…never mind, it was hurt.
Some years later at eighteen years he competed in the Youth National Championships competition with his climbing friends who motivated him to climb and to be proud to climb at this level of competition, to compare his abilities with others.
In 2003 he created my Handi-Grimpe association to establish an event,  where  everyone can join with or without a handicap. The concept is to put an artificial handicap (blind, amputed members or else) at the normal people to understand a little bit what could be the handicap in their life. After 8 years, Handi-Grimpe is the only one event who have the recognition by the French medias, major industry brands and climbers. 
Since then he has attended the most important contests in the world. He has developed lecture, events, pictures and a documentary made by a Slovenian film production. His only goal is to give the smile at normal people and disabled persons that an handicap is not the end of the world. Every body can push his limits and be proud of his natural body.
See his full story in Wild One.


1) Which is the first La Sportiva shoes/boot you used?
Kendo in 1995
2) What is the mountain you would like to see at least one time in your life?
3) Do you take part to a charity or cultural project?
Sure, I founded Handi-Grimpe

In primo piano

  • 2003 Founder of the Handi-Grimpe event to promote Paraclimbing
  • 2005 First “handicap” climber to practice Deep Water Soloing
  • 2008 Ascent of my first 7A boulder “Rumeurs Vagabondes”
  • 2010 Participated at first official Paraclimbing compétition in Japan
  • 2011 3rd in the World Championships in Arco
  • 2014 Speaker at Tedx in Paris
  • 2015 Exploring and filming in Oman – Arabian boulders
  • 2019 Opening new deep water solos in Martinique’s island

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