PFC Free Program

Innovation and Respect


According to the fact that the PFCs and in this special case PFOAs do have toxic and carcinogen characteristics, for La Sportiva it is the main goal to go in the direction of not just simply try to use fabrics that are within the critical value of 1µg/m2, but to go in the direction of PFC-free fabrics for the apparel collection (no C6 and no C8 used).
Beside this, the fact, that PFCs are not biodegradable and will stay forever, either in the environment or in the human body supports our mission to go for PFC-free products/ fabrics even more. As the first step in the direction of sustainability ist o stop producing long lasting or endless waste. To discover more about La Sportiva Sustainability program please check the BlueSign section.

More on PFCs:
PFOA = Perfluorooctanoic acid
Other name: C8

could increase the risk of chronic kidney diseas

creation of water resistant/ waterproof treatments (not directly applied on garments)

New critical value/ limitations Based on above characteristics REACh put PFOA in 2013 on the list for alarming substances (SVHC). By 2014 Norway released the legal critical value of 1µg/m2, as first European country. And there will be many other country following the example of Norway.

Existing treatments
C6 and C8 are the terms that are quiet often used by fabric suppliers and among the Outdoor community, but what is actually the difference, and moreover is C6 PFOA-free? Basically "C" is the chemical shortcut for carbon and "6" or "8" are giving information about the quantity of carbon molecules inside the polymere. This means C6 is closely related to C8 (PFOA) but has 2 carbon molecules less, but the the characrteristics stay the same. So in the end no matter if you go with C6 or C8, both are carcinogen and toxic and not biodegradable. This means PFOA or C8 is not the same as C6, so if you ask for PFOA-free treatment, you will be offered C6 treatment.

Polyester and Polyether polymer based membranes
Waterrepellent treatments on Polyurethan base