Paige Claassen: the stars and stripes climber now wears 100% La Sportiva

Paige has been climbing for about 16 years, and for the past eight years she has been using La Sportiva climbing shoes. But now, the climber from Oklahoma and protagonist of the charity climbing tour, “Lead Now”, can boast a 100% “Made in Italy” look, becoming the latest ambassador of the company from Trento from head to toe.

Climbing is at the heart of La Sportiva, and La Sportiva is at the heart of climbing,” says Page. “For that reason, I’m very excited to represent La Sportiva as a Global Ambassador. I’ve trusted their shoes since the day I received my very first pair of Mythos at nine years old and the thought of wearing anything other than a handmade Italian leather shoe is inconceivable.” The switch from footwear to clothing was therefore a little bit like completing an eight year long process, in which Paige grew transforming herself from a young athlete in the world of indoor competitions, to one of the best climbers of her generation.

However, what makes Paige the perfect athlete to represent the values of La Sportiva are not just the number of routes climbed over the years, or trophies collected or successes gained. Paige has always impressed everyone with her strong humanitarian commitment, the continuous desire to grow and the fact that she has always be considered a reference point for the climbing world. During her sixteen years of activity, Paige can boast among the routes she has climbed, accomplishments like Just Do It (8c +), Grand Ole Opry, (8c), Art Attack (8c) in Val Masino and The Bleeding, (8b +), a five years project in Utah finished in September 2015. However, Paige’s most famous and important project, is undoubtedly Lead Now, ten months spent visiting, climbing and talking about nine different countries (South Africa, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, India, Turkey, Ecuador, and Chile) in a special video in order to raise funds for local non-profit organizations.

Soon a trip around Europe is being planned: destination Fontainebleau, one of the undisputed capitals regarding the World of boulder. We shall then have the opportunity of getting to know her better, and to discover what lies behind the curious eyes of our new representative. Dedication and passion go hand in hand with climbing in the story told by Paige Claassen. A story that today is tinged from head to toe in the colours of La Sportiva, for the start of a new collaboration that we hope will continue in its longevity.