Nadir Maguet: my life between skimountaineering and mountain running

After the efforts and successes of this bygone summer season, we await the onset of winter along with Nadir Maguet, the young talent of the La Sportiva Team who, after winning the hardest test in the world, the 1000up Kilomètre Vertical de Fully, talks to us about his way of life and how he sees the sports of alpine skiing and trail running.

Nadir Maguet, you were decreed by all, the “surprise" of this Fully. Before setting out on the race, did you think that you stood a chance of winning the toughest Vertical race in the world?
I showed up at the start without the slightest thought of winning the Fully. I went there because it was a race that had always fascinated me, I liked it, and also because it serves as a great workout and the perfect test to evaluate ones fitness for the winter season ...What is more, in this Vertical you run at 1000up, therefore it remains first and foremost a personal challenge.

If for the public “you” were the real surprise, on the other hand, what was the biggest surprise for you?
For me the biggest surprise was the time on the clock when I reached the top, I couldn’t believe it. I knew I was in shape and felt good, I had seen this during the training sessions, but nevertheless, the time was quite amazing.

Definitely a result to be remembered… Not only were you a part in the colossal challenge of the day between Zemmer and Jornet, but you went so far as to win , impeccably finishing the race in absolute first position. How do you feel?
Winning ahead of important athletes like Zemmer and Kilian is an incredible event in itself, but being able to achieve victory in such an important Vertical for the Skyrunning community, makes it all the more amazing, simply indescribable. As for me, all these things put together make the victory even more important.

Many see you as a student and "heir" of Urban Zemmer. What do you think?
It is easy to give me the title of heir after winning such an important Vertical, but let’s say that what Urban did on this track and in general in his career is really rare, indeed unique. I see him as my captain in the Laspo Team, an inspiration and a friend, I get along with him. I will always try to do my best, and I hope to give a lot in the coming years.

From the yellow and black podium, many of your fellow La Sportiva team-mates were ranked in the top ten, both male and female: Can we talk about team success? What distinguishes the team?
Of course we can speak of team success, in recent years La Sportiva has created a marvelous Vertical team, and not just in the race.
Apart from the individual results obtained by each one of us, the thing I think has made and is still making a difference, it is the tremendous bond that exists between all of us, capable as few high things of providing motivation and the right stimuli to the team to train, go to the races, and always give their best. This is a success that we owe above all to "Macia", the true soul of the group. Without him, I think this team would be a group like many others. We are a team.

In winter you are a ski mountaineering champion, in the summer a mountain running champion…what is it that unites these two disciplines and what does it mean to you to practice them both (obtaining outstanding results?)
In my opinion ski mountaineering and sky running are similar disciplines, that go forward hand in hand. Starting from the atmosphere that reigns practicing both of these sports, the dynamics of the race and the training scenarios ... it's all very similar, with the "small" difference of the snow.
The mountainsunite everything and everyone, and for those like me who love being in the mountains, these two sports are definitely the right recipe.

Continuing to talk about skiing and snow ... How do you see the next winter season? Have you already pre-set any goals?
I hope that the next winter season will provide me with lots of satisfaction on a personal level, this summer I saw good progress and I hope to see it in skialp too... It is always nice to improve! Then who knows, I wouldn’t mind winning a podium in (the World Cup;)

And we hope so too! But while you are waiting for the snow are you going to enjoy a well-deserved relaxation or do champions never stop?
The rest period will be at the end of the winter season, now I need to stay focused on the winter training which is perhaps the most important phase: If you fail here, you risk the whole season. But I don’t make a tragedy out of it, after all, when you love what you do, you don’t feel the need to relax, that’s how I feel in the mountains. You just need to get out there and enjoy it and learn not to focus only and always on the clock that marks time and height differences.

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