My Trango Tower Story: with Mici in Kyrgyzstan

Our #MyTrangoTower adventures start with the story of Deja Jakopič, Slovenian instagrammer of “malaposastmici”. During this summer, she took the chance of bringing her brand new Trango Tower to an incredible trip in Kyrgyzstan, also known as the “Switzerland of Central Asia”.

My Trango Tower story began in the first days of August, when most people hit the beach and enjoy swimming in the sea. However, my plans for summer holidays were a little bit different… I decided to visit the "Switzerland of Central Asia" - Kyrgyzstan - where the mountainous region of the Tian Shan covers over 80% of the country. A true place for all the mountain lovers!
Better luck next time, seaside… maybe 😉

The adventure in Kyrgyzstan started in the capital city of Bishkek and continued to the city of Karakol, the starting point of a spectacular Ala-Kol lake trek. The first day of trekking offered us a muddy trail and a wet breeze because of the light rain in the morning, but as soon as we approached the first camp, the sun began to peek through the clouds, giving us the chance to witness our first, amazing Kyrgyzstan’s sunset. After a cold night with temperatures below zero, we woke up at the first light, and after grabbing something to eat for breakfast, it was time to move forward and ascent the Telery pass at 3400 meters of altitude.

We were on the trail firstly for the super long ascent part, and after an approximately five hours descent, we finally reached the second camp and completed this part, a mandatory passage for reaching the Ala-Kol lake. The third day was the absolute highlight part of the trekking. The first view of the surreal turquoise-water Ala-Kol lake with its big white glacier on the background took my breathe away. Is there anything more beautiful in this world than glaciers? Well, maybe just an evening view through the tent entrance overlooking the glacier that sparkles in the moonlight... and it has been exactly what we did that night.  Good sleep and sweet dreams were guaranteed.

After reaching the highest point of the trek somewhere around 4000 meters of altitude the next day, we descended to Altyn Arashan, a place famous for its hot springs. We showered after four days in the wilderness and the tents were replaced by traditional yurtas for a comfortable last night on the road. But the fun in the mountains didn't end there. After arriving back to Karakol the road took us to Naryn province, where we hiked above the Tash Rabat, a hidden Silk Road caravanserai in the middle of, well, nowhere. And after that, it is save to say, the most exciting part of the adventure followed - trekking with horses! I spent two days on a back of a horse and we made almost 40 kilometres of distance to Song-Kol lake. I never thought that I will be riding a horse high above 3000 meters of altitude! As all good things come to an end, so did my trip to Kyrgyzstan. But even better things are coming in the future, right?

La Sportiva Trango Tower GTX
were my only pair of hiking boots for all the activities in Kyrgyzstan mountains. And they were the perfect choice. I walked on rocks, snow, muddy trails, slippery grass, crossed a lot of rivers and my feet were dry and comfortable the whole time. And they even did a great job as ridding boots. As they are waterproof and semi-auto crampon compatible I would say that they are your trusted companion if you decide to do some hard trekking in unpredictable conditions.

About the author:  Deja, well known Mici because of her Instagram account "malaposastmici" (which actually means Little Monster Mici) is born and raised in the heart of Slovenian Alps. Lawyer during the week but with the mountains written in her DNA, Deja tries to spend every free minute enjoying as much outdoor activities her territory offers... and who knows Slovenian alps, knows also how much this land has to offer.
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Stay Tuned! #MyTrangoStory goes on with three other incredible adventures... discover more on the dedicated landing page!

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