Mountain Attack Race 2015

Presented in Salzburg the famous Austrian Race and the La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team

On Friday November 21st,  was presented in the frame of the Sports Center of Hallein in Salzburg the 17th edition of the Mountain Attack Race. The room set up for the press conference was packed with reporters and TV also Austrian, a sign that the famous competition Saalbach established itself as one of the most important alpine ski races on the national scene. Also this year 'sold out' regarding enrollments, which have reached the maximum four days after opening. A sell-out which will then lash back over 1,000 alpine skiers on the slopes dell'Hinterglemm on January 16th.

The presentation opened with the greeting of 'high office', or Roland Kurz organizer of the Mountain Attack and managers of the respective teams, Giulia Delladio, representing La Sportiva, Oswald Santin, organizer of the Sella Ronda Ski Marathon which this year is 'twinned' with the Austrian race, and Gerard Bauer, coach of the team.
For the occasion were also invited some special guests from La Sportiva Team: William Bon Mardion, Nejc Kuhar and Italians Urban Zemmer and Nadir Maguet. Besides them, even all the athletes of the La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team, which this year is even more numerous. "From the twenty-two last year we went to thirty - says Roland Kurz - including new purchases there are three girls and many young class in 1996 and 1997; many are versatile athletes who come from cycling and mountain running." An adventure that began last season,  but that has already obtained initial results: "The group last year was wonderful and it worked very well - continues Kurz - there was a great mutual help, thanks to the constant weekly gatherings, however this team is probably unique in the world."

The place of the presentation also was certainly not chosen at random. The athletes of La Sportiva Mountain Attack Team received the material, dressed from head to foot with the valuable contribution of all sponsors coordinated by Roland, thanks to the prestige of the Mountain Attack, including helmet, leathers, glasses, to get up to orthotics and compression stockings .
At the same time, in a room set up in the basement of the university, Gerald Bauer was able to conduct a test on the four La Sportiva Athletes. On a large treadmill, with enough room for a skier who use skins, the four star players have measured themselves with the machine, making them submitted to an increase of the speed of 0.4 km / h every four minutes. During these intervals, the trainer also withdrew a blood sample from the earlobe of each athlete. In this way, through some parameters could observe the recovery levels, blood oxygenation, production of lactic acid and yield of the performance according to the heartbeat.
The final velocity reached by the athletes was virtually the same, although the benefit has been obtained from each in a different way. Geri Bauer could give valuable advice to everyone on their workouts, weaknesses and strengths.
In short, a very interesting day, anticipating another special edition of the Mountain and exciting Attack of Saalbach. We just have to wait for Friday, January 16.

Envoy for Skialper: Niccolò Zarattini