Limone extreme: this weekend, the skyrunner world series finals

Stellar line-up at Vertical and Sky finals 2016 with 980 athletes from 36 countries

Tying up the 2016 Skyrunner World Series, the Vertical and Sky finals will take place in Italy on October 14 and 15. Since the start of the season in May, thousands of athletes from around the world have competed in the two Series and next weekend will decide the champions.

An incredibly stacked field of 980 runners from 36 countries will parcipate in the two races to be held in Limone on the shores of Lake Garda. Champions past and present will be competing for the titles, to race with the best and to get a high from participating in the end of season 2016 Skyrunner World Series finals.

The weekends events kick off with Fridays Vertical Kilometer. Truly spectacular, the race starts on the shore at sunset and climbs for 1,080m over a highly technical 3.7 km course.
Only two women contend the Vertical Series title: Spains Laura Orgu辿, current ranking leader and 2015 Vertical and Sky Series Champion. Her rival is Christel Dewalle from France, 2016 World Champion, ranked second and winner here last year. An electrifying match between the two is in store.

Only the top four men can dispute the Champion title: Ferran Teixido, Jan Margarit, Ondrej Fejfar and Philip Goetsch. The race competition will be forced by World Champion Stian Angermund from Norway and R辿mi Bonnet from Switzerland, 2015 Series champion and race winner. Italian Urban Zemmer, the Vertical Machine, at the age of 46 is still a force to be reckoned with, placing second here last year. Among the elite, nine of the top ten men and six top ranked women will be competing. The 2014 records stand at 3711 and 4451.

Saturday, all eyes will be on Italys Tadei Pivk, the La Sportiva ambassador is the 2015 Sky Series Champion and current ranking leader.

The womens competition will see Laura Orgu辿 defend her title against American Megan Kimmel who leads the current ranking in a tie with equal points. Let the battle commence!

The 27 km race starts and finishes by the lake, passing through the old town of Limone and olive and lemon groves. Above, often steep and challenging, the course climbs along rocky limestone paths and ridges for a total of 2,480m. The records to beat are 2h4523 and 3h1850.

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