La Sportiva Storyteller: we present climber Paige Claassen

The American “new entry” to La Sportiva’s international team of climbers, talks about how she sees climbing, in a video shot in Fountainebleau, France

“I have been a La Sportiva athlete for over nine years, and during this time I have changed a lot. I am not the same climber that I was at the age of 14”
Says Paige Claassen, in a video that focuses on “change”.

During these nine years of partnership, Paige has changed both as a climber and as a person, inevitably her objectives have changed too as has her vision of sport, of her life and of climbing in general.
In recent years this “change” has led her to become one of the strongest athletes in the world and today after many successes, she has become all the more determined to continue.

After the first female ascent of “Just Do it” and the second ascent of “Art Attack”, after “Grand Ole Opry” and “The Bleeding”, the stars and stripes climber has decided to pay a visit to Fontainebleau.
The mystical French forest, home to some of the most spectacular blocks on Earth, was the location chosen by Paige for her European weeklong, climbing trip last February. Font is not only special for those who prefer to climb without harness or carabiners, it is special for everyone, not only boulder climbers.

For the new La Sportiva ambassador it was a chance to test her ability in a different location, to rediscover and to recover the lightheartedness that often those who are led to focus more on performance tend to put in second place.
“It was a really important transition, to go back and re-evaluate what climbing means to me.  I realized that to be able to climb really hard and at my maximum efforts, I also need to have a balance.  I feel the need to go out and climb... for fun".

Hence the need to change perspective and to go back to appreciating climbing for what it really is without the obligation to go out and find the most difficult thing to step foot on.
To change her point of view and to try to recover those emotions that the sport conveyed the very first time Paige climbed in a gym in East Park, Colorado, at the tender age of 9.
To change perspective, in order never to loose that perfect balance that is so important in life as well as on the wall, that one between passion and results.

Paige Claassen, returns to her origins in a video that aims to talk about climbing through its most simple and natural expression: the happiness provided simply by climbing.

photo credit: (c) Stephan Schlumpf