La Sportiva Storyteller stops in Spain and in the Basque Country meets climber Ander Lasagabaster.

Retracing the daily routine of a climber who cleverly juggles between duty and passion, we stop at Aretxabaleta, a small Basque town surrounded by mountains and characterized by some important industrial activities, not much different from the hometown of La Sportiva .

On this scene comes to life the story of Ander, who first defines himself as a worker, only then as a climber. His alarm clock rings at 4:45 in the morning n order to be able to reach his place of work at six o'clock.
His strong motivation and his huge desire of climbing, help Andres to forget about all the struggles and the typical weariness of those who spend too little time to sleep, and finished his shift he goes straight to the cliff. Like this, four days a week.

Althougt he defines climbing as an hobby, his climbing achievements put him into the narrow circle of those “9a worked and 8b on-sight” climbers.

By the way, what astound most after only one day in his company, is not his climbing career. The principal qualities of Ander are his humility and the way he continues to smile to life in addition to his strong stubbornness, that drives him to realize all his vertical dreams.