Nadir Maguet

La Sportiva Storyteller meets Nadir Maguet

La Sportiva Storyteller meets Nadir Maguet

The video series that aims at learning more about our athletes by following them beyond their sporting results continues and for the first time ventures onto the snow, stopping in Valle D'Aosta, where we meet the young skialp star, Nadir Maguet.

If on the one hand, Nadirlooks much younger than his age, on the other hand if you look into his eyes and listen to him talk you would say that Nadir Maguet has all the energy and enthusiasm of a twenty four year old athlete.
With a road still to be run, and all it takes to find success along the way.

A young kid, who in true skialp style, has chosen to run on dirt tracks, giving up more popular sports to devote himself to his true passion: the mountains.

it’s in my nature to wonder alone in the wilds- Says Nadir almost justifying his choice – the nicest thing is that sense of freedom, moving away from the slopes, the confines of daily routine and set your mind free of all the others thoughts

Thoughts, which behind those big, brown eyes and timid smile, remain those of many of his peers: workouts, friends, his girlfriend ... and maybe winning a stage of La Grande Course, well, perhaps this isn’t really a common thought.
Winning in the most important circuit of world ski mountaineering, among breathtaking ridges and superhuman height gains and loses, for some might be just a dream, but not for Nadir. For him it is a thought just like any other, a desire that takes shape day after day to form of a tangible goal.

Last year, together with Manfred Reichegger, Nadir Maguet arrived 8th in the Tour du Rutor, just behind the true “masters” on the ski alp scene.
Last year too, the long line of successes obtained race after race, gained him the prestigious title of Espoir World Champion.

But apart from the medals and competitions that make him an exceptional skier, he thrives on the adrenaline which the sport provides" because training sessions cannot provide the same feeling you have at the starting line" Nadir is a humble boy and with his head on his shoulders, aware that his career as a ski mountaineer started by chance as a bet with his father. Nadir is a twenty-four year old kid who recognises the importance of sacrifice and team spirit, aware of his limitations and capabilities, and who is set to reach important heights.

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